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10/2 c11 Vishw
Nine years of misery... and no Alexis... poor Castle...
10/2 c9 Vishw
It seems Castle is also in need of some therapy. A successful guy who looks like a Nathan Fillion for god's sake, is whining to a girl 10 years younger than him that he's nobody.
10/2 c7 Vishw
I guess this was the role that Royce must have played in her life... in the show's canon.
10/2 c6 Vishw
You haven't shown us how the previous two visits of Kate to his apartment went, but all of their conversations have been mostly about Kate. And her last visit, I'm guessing she stayed the night, so the chance that she met his mother seems high. Also, during their first meet on the plane, he did tell her about his missing father. So her saying that he's not letting her in feels... odd.
4/10/2020 c13 Anon
Thank you. This was so engaging. I really cared about both characters and their actions kept in touch the back rebel Kate seemed to shine through this new kid in a way that was more honest than the show Castle portrayed.
2/3/2017 c13 xfbikerchick
Cute storyline.
3/9/2016 c13 68fanka77
Very good story! Very touching. Is there a sequel out there? It would be great!
10/16/2015 c13 Chacha
Hi! I like your story, I enjoyed it alot, thanks for sharing it with us and read how Beckett felt after her mother s dead.
It was a good story.
9/15/2015 c13 5Bamafan101
You know I don't normally like early Caskett stuff mostly because it leads to no Alexis. ...I love her dearly. ...but this was very good!
8/30/2015 c13 Guest
On the whole, a well done AU, but there were a couple glaring plot holes (to me anyway).

1) Why does Martha seem to be living with him? In the show she moved in with him after her former husband ran off with all her savings, which presumably was not *that* long before the show started. The other reason for her pervasive presence is Alexis, who doesn't exist here. So I can get her checking in on her son, possibly having a room to crash in if she's not currently based out of New York... but that's all.

2) The loft. Unfortunately the loft is very definitely build for a family. Without Alexis having at least been a blip on the radar (one AU had Castle purchase the loft only for Meredith to have an abortion), I can't buy Castle having had the impetus to buy the place without his daughter figuring into the picture.
8/25/2015 c13 Jules
Dear Sophie,
this is the first fiction I've ever read, not just about Castle, but at all. I really, really liked it, not just the atmosphere that you created, but also your choice of words.
I enjoyed spending time with your versions of Kate and Rick a lot, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so by creating them.
I hope I didn't make too many mistakes, English is not my first language.
I hope you are having a great time in the UK,
greetings from Germany,
7/30/2015 c13 MeltedRos3
It's fantastico and I wish you would've written more but it was still a great fanfic.
2/4/2015 c13 Star Iron
It may not sell as well as Nikki Heat but I could see his book going on to have cinematic success and bringing in some more of the serious actors and awards. Will this story have a sequel? I'm really liking the backstory and this alternate universe where the characters while still flawed are not so set in their ways and capable of healthy change and growth.
1/26/2015 c13 linaa13
I loved this and read it during the blizzard when I am in lock down. I kinda want more but it was great
12/25/2014 c13 Guest
That was one of the best AU's i've read so only was it very well writen, I also think that you kept true to their Characters , if they would have met in this challenging time for you take suggestions for future stories, I would like to read a would be great to see what happens from here, Kate's life at the Academy with Rick by her it would be challenging to introduce Alexis, but i always liked Stories that included Kate, when Alexis was still that's it and i hope you continue writing, because you clearly have a lot of for any grammatical errors, but english is not my first language.
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