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6/4 c51 Guest
10/26/2016 c57 1Emerald DragonFlame
Omg doof u should do a review of undertale it's awesome ;3
9/12/2016 c9 Guest
9/11/2016 c6 Guest
Doof, who's your favorite Divergent character
8/11/2016 c54 Me55555555555555
Espurr, although an awesome Pokemon, is not in Pokemon Go yet
8/3/2016 c56 77Galaxina-the-Seedrian
Currently airing it's, STEVEN UNIVERSE! (I'm not one of those crazy fans who don't respect people's opinions, though; I'm bigger than that)

Over all it's PHINEAS AND FERB! (It's helped me with my anxieties and creativity...plus YOURE in it, and in my personal opinion, you're the best written character I've seen period. :3)

I hope for another update soon!

7/31/2016 c56 30Azuranaito
I will admit, all those cartoons I do watch. Well, all except Harvey Beaks. Eh, I don't care for it that much, but that's me. Could you do a family dirt on Adventure Time? I ain't seen the show in a while, but heck, if Cartoon Network won't show it, whatever.
7/26/2016 c54 PnfGf
you should do one on Milo Murphy's Law
7/28/2016 c55 6Joe Zt
Some of you are going to yell at me here, but I despise STEVEN UNIVERSE.

I'll admit, I liked this show at first. And truth be told, it has some good moments. And the problem is not so much the show itself, but the FANDOM. The fandom in general is rude and inconsiderate to anyone who disagrees with their views. Don't even bother trying to argue. I've experienced it personally. And I'm not the only one. There was that one instance with a fan artist who was bullied because... get this... she drew a fat character as being not fat. Seriously, I am not making this up. (I wish I was.) I even took a look at this drawing myself, and the character in question was, in fact, fat. It's obvious that they were bullying her for another reason. I usually try not to get too political, but I think Steven Universe has a pretty clear political leaning. Anyone who leans the other way cannot share their views. I'm not saying that's the reason, I'm saying I THINK that's the reason. I don't actually know anyone who was involved. (This one case is not the only reason I think the fandom is rude and inconsiderate either, nor is it my own political leanings or lack thereof. I refuse to comment further.)

Anyway, after that the show just didn't seem nearly as good to me. I started liking it less and less, until eventually I full-on hated it. Then one day I went online and typed out a full review on why I hate Steven Universe, and... oh. Well, the review seems to have caught up to us in real time, so... Ciaoyciao!
7/26/2016 c54 77Galaxina-the-Seedrian
SERIOUSLY?! Even YOU have this game?! XD I want this game, but my phone is so stupid it won't download it for meeeeeeee!

(Though I guess this means I'm not gonna end up in physical harm like you...sorry about what happened with Perry the Platypus, btw. XD)

Okaaaaaay, how about Abridged Series? Have you watched them, which is your favorite, are you even into them? If you aren't interested, that's fine. I'll just come to your house and keep ringing on your doorbell until you do~ (and if you do...I'll...probably get tired eventually, so...this is more like a temporary inconvenience than an actual threat...) :3

7/26/2016 c54 30Azuranaito
LOL! I've heard a bunch of "Pokemon Go Ghost Stories" over the radio, and this jazz is hilarious! Some guy who was actually drunk (and at a bad BAD level, I might add) who was also driving was playing this phone game. How's that for something bad happening?
7/23/2016 c52 Marissa Flynn
I'm too lazy to login, Dr. D, but you should TOTALLY do Pokemon Go! Plllleeeeease?!
7/25/2016 c51 6Joe Zt
I thought you were going to reply every tenth installment. What gives, Doof?
7/22/2016 c40 30Azuranaito
OK. Crazy funny cliche. But Apple wasn't formed by Johnny Appleseed. I think Steve Jobs formed Apple. I can't remember. But, I got a request. Could you do one for this awful show on Nick? "Sanjay and Craig"? Oy... I think I got sick just mentioning the d*** name.
7/22/2016 c51 23Spyrorocks389
I'd love it if you did Steven Universe!
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