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for Embracing His True Self

4/24 c13 Shelleykids
Was hoping to still find the first one hahah. as I was rereading from chapter 20 I think. Well hoping for an update :D I have been gone from reading any works for about 6 months lol. Still love your work and am catching up all I missed. Take care :D
4/18 c9 jasmijn emma
Idont't know if noticed ithis when you the chapter
There is a map on the table harry doens't say it is azkaban

Love the story
4/17 c13 indie0209
i wish the golden trio stay together but i loved when it was harry and luna then Hermione
4/15 c13 Lana
J'ai aimé énormément la première version et je regrette de ne pas l'avoir enregistré. Celle-ci démarre bien, j'attends avec impatience la suite.
3/19 c13 Tinkerbell love
Please update this story is so good
3/18 c13 1mayawene
Thank you
3/17 c1 emmani
3/14 c1 lies
is of course another one of DebtheSlytherinSnapeFan alt accounts.
Praising yourself is so damn sad and stupid.
3/14 c13 Norma Stitz
Plot summary
Riddle is a paedo in his sixties exploiting an orphan.
So some really sick shit thinly disguised as a Harry Potter story.
No no no no!
3/14 c13 Lana
Je suis impatiente de lire la suite. Je regrette de n'avoir pas sauvegarder la première mouture.
3/14 c13 1Shay Shadowhunter
more pleas3
3/14 c9 Shay Shadowhunter
cool very cool
3/12 c1 Voxxie
Why does Barty need to be with anyone? Not everybody needs to be in a pairing.
3/11 c13 3Zeenath and Moiira
3/10 c13 indie0209
i wish you kept hermione the way you had like the old story before you rewrote it specially with her being with Barty a shame hope you change your mind on it i hope luna really stays in the story
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