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for Embracing His True Self

3h c87 sillygabby
I absolutely love this story.
I look forward to seeing what all you have left to go over and tie up in here.
Can't wait for more!
11/22 c6 Sly
You really hate Dumbledore! Can’t argue with that though as I hate him too. Good story!
11/20 c87 1kittyranma
Oh my, I can't wait to see what happens next.
11/20 c72 kittyranma
Well there's a big whoops, it was Genny's first year not second. She's a year younger than Harry.
11/19 c87 EvenstarMoonblood
Waited to respond until i read it al. Omg i love this story. So different from the rest i have read. Even from your own stories. Just wow!
11/19 c54 kittyranma
I just had a thought. Wouldn't it be fun to de-age and reraise Bella? Unless you've already killed her off.
11/15 c87 klaus04
damn this is one long story. its really good. please do update it.
11/13 c87 Guest
Nice fanfic! Much better than your earlier ones - some of which were really troubling, and not at all in a good way. I’m glad that there isn’t any underage rape in this one.
11/13 c87 rell
I've read this from start to, well not finished yet. Its a good story well written
11/12 c87 mattdombast
I think it would br nicd for them to make sure molly ghost not hunting the borrow. Put i think Ant building his sister a home or a manor would be amazing that the get their HEA for everyone not sure about ron in ginny i kinda think the both should die one by barty or Hermione and ginny byone of albus pets or tom himself . Sad that Hermione wouldn't acce that barty is the barty jr. Beside for the brightest witch of her agd it seem kinda stupid she hasn't figured out whats what barty will always liveva lie to be happy.
11/12 c86 mattdombast
I think they all need hea except ron and ginny accidents should happen
11/12 c85 mattdombast
I still wish Neville parents find out the truth in point nev i the right direction with harry
11/12 c84 mattdombast
Love that i so want remus bite to be albus in remus dad faulty or setup. But would also love remus accept being a wolf my still get a teddy
11/12 c83 mattdombast
I like what you plan for the weasley nice..
11/12 c82 mattdombast
So good the longbottom saved
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