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for Embracing His True Self

4/14/2022 c111 1zamik
Hey, what epilogue? What happened to Harry that he had to leave?
4/13/2022 c111 LadyJen97
This is so good! I just binge read this entire story. ️️️️
4/8/2022 c111 Guest
Please update as soon as possible...
I am dying to read about what exactly happened to Harry!
Please update.
4/6/2022 c111 1Eagle-Eyes
And find Harry he will.

Did Harry have a compulsion input into his mind that with key words he would act a certain way?

Great story and I will wait impatiently for an update.

Keep writing as life allows
4/2/2022 c87 12excessivelyperky
Yes, Harry and Voldie are *very* close! Glad they had so much fun

As for the Weasleys, perhaps mass murder was a bad idea? Maybe a mass dose of Veritaserum would have been lots more fun and educational, too.

Looking forward to seeing how Arthur is, and how Anthea will cope.
3/31/2022 c82 1zamik
Little bit confused- what happend with australia? Hopefully will come out in next chapters?
3/28/2022 c10 varit103
Dear author,
I very like your story "Embracing His Ture Self",can i translate it into Chinese and put it in Chinese net, i believe that the story you created will be influenced by others,
3/27/2022 c51 Guest
“Felt the wards shit”
3/20/2022 c86 12excessivelyperky
Well, if Hermione rings the bell on her NEWTs, nobody is really going to care that she punted her last year, especially since Harry Potter is going to do the same. Besides, Hogwarts' reputation isn't what it used to be considering how Dumbledore is running it right now.

I also suspect that anyone who tries to lean on Barty Jr. and threatens to reveal his true identity is going to end up an Inferi or sold to the goblins, or some other worse fate.

Ron had better behave himself or he'll discover even more, improved uses for canaries.

Neville sure shaped up, didn't he?
3/15/2022 c77 slyhuff
oh i hope you put all the names down, oh my you are a genius
3/13/2022 c16 4RacySturdivant
It says in chapter 17 that the Potter's have a grimoire, but later on in the story it says they did not have one, I will find the chapter so I can point to the inconsistency. Granted it is not that important story wise, it could easily be put as Harry forgot because his own was what he thought of. Another inconsistency I am going through to make sure of is when the articles about Dumbledore actually start being published, it is brought up when Harry helps Voldemort with the prison, but I don't think they actually start until after Dumbledore attacks the Longbottom's. However, later they are used as a reason for the attack in the first place. I love the story enough to read it multiple times, I just wanted to point out where the inconsistency may have caused a problem. I will find out if my latter point is true and post again.
3/11/2022 c111 3KGinNorthman
It'd be nice to give Arthur a child to raise. Thank you for an update
3/9/2022 c111 katiekittykat
I have been really enjoying this story and cant wait to read more. I love all your stories please update again soon. Though it was great seeing the last update on my birthday
3/8/2022 c92 Adriaan De Belge

I would use the word "Trost" instead of "Komfort", the latter being too close to the english, and the meaning has diverged in the past couple of
3/6/2022 c85 12excessivelyperky
Harry doesn't quite realize the Dumbledore has been training generations of Gryffindors into believing they are always right, and that he's just as conditioned as the rest (except that *he* is more right than all the other Gryffindors, and that's why he's with Voldemort). But sure, Hermione really is quite narrow-minded-and knows a ton more about the Muggle world that even Harry. That knowledge could be quite valuable.

Good scenes, though, it's amazing how much changing society ends up dealing with real estate.

But Harry has to understand that Dumbledore's programming that Gryffindors are always right has affected him, too.
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