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for Embracing His True Self

1/24 c114 qwertyuiop123214685
great story, please update!

love this story, want to see how it wraps up!
1/24 c93 qwertyuiop123214685
couldn't he have used the magic removing spell he used on belatrix to save grindlewald?
1/12 c114 Shadowsmisery
…Did you just leave it at “Luna is in labour”? You… are terribly cruel.. I approve.
1/11 c114 2acetwolf94
1/3 c114 MagnusFishersen
Can you please continue the story.
1/1 c114 3Anavas88
Interesting turn, I love your stories!
11/27/2022 c114 12excessivelyperky
Yes, Severus clearly wants to play with his toys and yes, time off is something rather foreign to him. Enjoy!

Good explanation about the Greengrasses, too. One hopes the party is nice and that the presents are well received.

Good point about the curse possibly being in Parseltongue and likely needing to be removed that way. I am a little surprised at least one Greengrass hasn't gone all Molly Weasley and deciding to have a ton of children in hopes the curse will skip at least one.
11/11/2022 c18 hzlanderson
Do you think you'll ever edit this more?
11/7/2022 c25 Guest
Сириус никогда на самом деле не заботился о Харри, так что реакция логичного Поттера намного лучше той, что была в книгах. Хотя, в книгах Харри не столько тянулся к крестному, сколько к возможной семье, в которой он не будет обузой. Да и скорбел Харри не столько по самому Блэку, сколько по наивной мечте иметь семью.

А Ремусу вообще зарплату профессора надо было заплатить, чтобы он с сыном школьного друга увиделся. Ни до третьего курса, ни после него, он с Харри не встречался и письма не писал. Поэтому, как по мне, Харри еще довольно лояльно к ним отнесся и помог чем мог, но ему с ними не по пути, слишком разное мировоззрение.
11/3/2022 c39 kdarnell2
I know you had changed this already, somewhere... Must have been on AO3. But it is psychopathy, not psychotherapy. Therapy being a treatment not the disease.
10/25/2022 c61 marmariacha
bro... did they forgot about those waiting for them in Voldy's room
10/25/2022 c60 marmariacha
omg... kiss...they kissed was not expecting this...
10/25/2022 c49 dawn manabat
I dont know why i love this kind of story where harry is dark. Thankyou so much for sharing your story
10/21/2022 c114 5casper01
Good story, how long does it take you to write all that, it usually takes me all morning oe evening to write just over a thousand words which I can't seem to go past very much. I really would like to make my chapters longer but I do struggle. What's your secret
10/21/2022 c114 1MageVicky
good chapter!
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