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11/4/2015 c4 11LilyGold197
I love all the quotes directly from HP, and I have a question.
Why did you put Rapunzel in Ravenclaw? Is it just because that's what most people do or did you have a specific reason?
The way I see it, she's not overly intelligent. She's sweet and loyal and kind but not wise or clever. So I would think she's a Hufflepuff, not a Ravenclaw.
8/18/2015 c39 its.more.fun.in.the.Philippine
I noticed that people sometimes forget half-bloods
7/24/2015 c40 Madison
Awesome story. I enjoyed reading it.
Madison aka GymnasticsRules101
7/9/2015 c24 Guest
Chapter 24: that refrise
3/19/2015 c40 Fenris Jin
I'm now confused.. Who's Jack sister again? Emma or Pippa? XD

Very nostalgic. Really quite a fitting ending to start and end in Hogwarts.

Thanks for sharing. :)
3/19/2015 c38 Fenris Jin
Harry Wait hold on, let me swoon for a bit. Kya

LOL, is it the Nightmare? Err.. I mean the new Death Eater? Poor fellows will have to face Harry Potter himself :D
3/19/2015 c37 Fenris Jin
Umm.. wouldn't it have been better if she just tried getting to Pitch first instead of trying to talk sense to Jack? xD

It would have been quicker and much more satisfying.. I bet she could out maneuver Jack, I have that much faith in her.. XD
3/19/2015 c34 Fenris Jin
I surely hope this time around Elsa and Jack thought of back up.. or at least informed someone, something. xD
3/19/2015 c33 Fenris Jin
It's like the end scene for The Departed with Leo. Did he really have to die? Well, in this case, it's they.

You made me cry. QQ
3/19/2015 c32 Fenris Jin
Can we call the new Death Eaters, Nightmares? :D

Pitch hasn't been getting enough luwv. xD
3/19/2015 c30 Fenris Jin
Now I think I have an idea where Anna and Elsa got their nosy and protective streak from. XD
3/18/2015 c29 Fenris Jin
No, unfair. D:

Hans and Pitch are surpassing Voldy. No one should be better at Dark Magic than Voldy.. No one suspected Voldy.. even if they're related.. reincarnations? Hmm.. I don't know.
3/18/2015 c28 Fenris Jin
All hands point to Hans.. A little Veritaserum wouldn't hurt.. :D
3/18/2015 c23 Fenris Jin
Merida's adorable.. xD

I wish Slytherin won though. It's high time they won after all. XD Well atleast it was because of the Seeker.
3/18/2015 c20 Fenris Jin
Hogwarts should really open a new course subject in Language, or as least Latin seeing as most spells are in a form such.. That way at least the students have a general idea of what the spell is about.. xD
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