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3/18/2015 c18 Fenris Jin
Finally some action! Whoohoo

Oops, wait that's Elsa getting attacked..! And right before her NEWTs! This is terrible!
3/18/2015 c16 Fenris Jin
Wut? Huh? What happened? Why did Jelsa development suddenly hopped, skipped and cartwheeled away in a mess of hormones and teenage lovesick goo? LOL, I know they were taking forever to get together, but then suddenly.. It was like BAM! xD

Now I have nothing to root for.. D: ..Well except maybe the dark wizard terrorizing Hogwarts. You have reduced me to such.. xD
3/18/2015 c10 Fenris Jin
Rapunzel is so cute when they let her panic and she feels indignant about it.. xD

Now were getting somewhere. Dark magic! Yay
3/18/2015 c8 Fenris Jin
Wow, Hans gets to be the aspiring new Tom Riddle. Pretty big shoes to fill in. xD
3/18/2015 c7 Fenris Jin
Hupplepuff avoiding people like the plague to avoid getting sick? I think the Sorting Hat needs a little maintenance. If anything, Slytherin or Ravenclaw would have done that.. Not our kind and loyal Hupplepuffs! xD

Poor Kristoff though.
3/18/2015 c4 Fenris Jin
OMG, I've read and watched Harry Potter several times and this the only time I find out that Head Boy and Girl is actually just one pair! I had that all Houses had them. My life is a lie! Nooo.. T-T
3/18/2015 c3 Fenris Jin
That trip to Diagon Alley was pretty nostalgic.
3/18/2015 c1 Fenris Jin
This looks nice.

They look frightened of Elsa.. That's always a good start.. xD
1/11/2015 c3 5HebCreeper
Good story so far! I really love Jelsa, and HP! This is the perfect mix!
11/2/2014 c40 9MissCatty
Oh my gosh...I feel so stupid for following this story when it was over! But it's okay, though...just kidding, it's not. I feel quite...yeah, I just feel stupid. But I'll live. Anyways...

I really enjoyed reading this! :D I am, well, I won't call myself a pure Potthead nerd quite yet, for I feel like I can't until I've read the entire series...which I now seriously have to start doing now! Oh my goodness! But either way, I do love Harry Potter. Not too long ago I had my little movie marathon for it, actually...

Back to this lovely story: it was so much fun to read. I loved how you combined to things I adore. It was so perfect. The world is complete now. Haha, no but seriously. This was way enjoyable to read. I can't believe I just read all of this. For some odd reason seeing that I read 40 chapters amazes me. I feel like that's so long, but it's not really. I can't believe how much stuff actually happened and how much time went by during this story for the characters, and I think you did nicely with it all smoothing out nicely together. It doesn't feel choppy.

In one word, I'll say this story is: smashing. I loved it. I enjoyed it. It was exciting. And it did have it's cute little moments. And the fact that someone like me finished through with it word for word, chapter for chapter, at an actual reading pace (I'll tell you now that sometimes I get tired of stories near the beginning and skim through the chapters so I can catch up near the recent updated chapter, and then presume reading normally, or when it's finished, I just skip to the end to know what happens (ugh, I know, it's terrible of me to do that)), that's quite amazing that I actually did that and it says something about your story. I'm extremely picky sometimes, and I suck at reading... It's so hard for me to get motivated. The book has to be really good and consume me, or it has to be apart of my grade at school. ;P

Now I have been officially inspired to read the Harry Potter series. In fact, I'm totally starting it. And I can't quite do it now, since I have school tomorrow and it's 12:32 past midnight for me (ugh, this is another terrible habit: I stay up late practically every night)... But tomorrow! I'm totally starting it. It's a done deal. ;)

Anyways, again, this was quite an adventure to read, and I really do like this story. You did a good job combining everything - Jelsa with HP and whatnot. Plus I loved how you added Harry Potter himself in here! That was such a "BOOM BABY!" moment to me (I don't know how familiar you are with the movie The Emperor's New Groove, but that's where that's from)! I'm definitely glad I came across this story. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
10/13/2014 c40 Guest
This is brilliant! I love it! I felt a bit sad when I finished reading just like I was sad when I read the last Harry Potter and saw the last movie! But to me Harry Potter it never ended! Always 3
9/19/2014 c40 iheartjelsa
hey btw I updated my fanfiction
9/19/2014 c40 iheartjelsa
nice ending cant wait for the next one!
9/18/2014 c40 25TPATFan16
9/17/2014 c40 dananiela
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