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for The Unwelcomed Stranger

7/10/2016 c1 Guest
This is on the second page of stories rated by reviews, look at us go #chickenwing
3/28/2016 c3 Imma
Update! Or else...
3/14/2016 c5 maedeaj
I know its been 2 years but please update
3/4/2016 c5 maedeaj
update ASAP please. Lol
8/25/2015 c1 Sarah
PLEASE UPDATE! I'm dying I need more fanfic to read and I'm getting bored looking so please update and put me out of my misery.
1/24/2015 c5 girlscoutbookaholic
please continue this story. it is good, and I want to know what happens next. I don't care if you only post 200 word chapters (though I would prefer longer ones) as long as you continue the story.
1/24/2015 c2 girlscoutbookaholic
the description/summary is a bit cliché, but this story, so far, seems to be better than I expected
12/23/2014 c5 Guest
Hey, please update.
12/21/2014 c5 RisaLassiter
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY! I cannot contain my laughter and idiotic smile at dear mr William and Jace is as sarcastic and hot as ever. The other characters are nice too I suppose but Will and Jace anywho, pls update ASAP bc I love this
12/1/2014 c5 1DemondHuntingShadowHunter
Love it! I can't wait to read now and find our happens next, especially with the handcuffs. Its hilarious and romantic at the same time with just the right touch of drama.
11/26/2014 c5 buffalofangirl4life
I wonder why you changed his last name did magnus tell him to I don't remember reading that part its funny seeing the similarities between will and jace its scary.
10/27/2014 c4 Guest
Please update sooner! Oh, are u gonna put Tessa and Jem in this? I really want them to!
9/10/2014 c4 8Nekolover2001
Hahahahaha! I'm literally dying from laughter here!
9/7/2014 c4 Guest
like it!
9/6/2014 c4 Sarah
So good, couldn't stop laughing but a very excruciating long a wait :(
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