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3/11/2017 c7 Alex
FINALY THERE IS NEW CHAPTER!Great chapter i see Natsu is progressing greatly,but he need to get his training done fast if he wants to compete against Spriggans and other enemy,also dont forget about big boss Acnologia :D
9/8/2016 c6 Guest
please continue
8/18/2016 c6 Alacknor
Lol I like that inotia reference
7/29/2016 c6 Guest
Can't wait till the next one
7/7/2016 c1 jbadillodavila
Genial g
6/28/2016 c6 Skyrus1901
I'm going to take a guess and say that Eara and Kiyan are from the game Inotia 4
6/26/2016 c6 2Barbatos rex
awsome chapter can't wait for the next one
6/26/2016 c6 2DdraigTrueEmperor9
This chapter was strange.
All that Happen was that Natsu was physically abused by the workers of the Palace in a attempt to teach him a few things, while probably getting payback in somethings of then, that Natsu may had destroy while on missions.
Natsu will definelly will develop a inmunity to be electricity, for being shocked so much.

Well, I can't say much about the fight the silver haired guy was a coward, evanding all the attacks or escaping instead of facing Natsu like a Man ( Wow sounded like Elfman for a moment )
Then he attacked Vital points cowardly move, until the girl appeared and the fight stopped, I didn't expect she would be the girlfriend of a guy like that, then again nothing is what appear to be.

Wonder if Natsu will become stronger now that he had everything he need to train hardcore past the limits.
Good Work. Until the New Update.
6/26/2016 c6 BlackDragonShinigami
Awesome story. Please update. Bye bye
6/26/2016 c6 Mark Sevy
Interesting chapter. Hope you'll update soon.
6/26/2016 c6 TheLaughingStalk
Kiyan from Inotia 4? Looks great!
6/26/2016 c5 6Draconic king
Yay your back for almost a year
6/24/2016 c5 TheFishKing
Not sure I like yet
5/26/2016 c3 rogaue
Are u kiding me with these dialogs ?they are longer then chapter it self.
5/9/2016 c5 turtle man
Good job hope the new chapter is Coming soon
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