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11/29/2016 c7 30Love332
HAH! I am happy that Zero refused Ichiru.. Even though it was evident that Ichiru just used him -3-
The scene were Zero got jealous because the American pureblood was eyeing his Kaname was superb -3- Jealous Zero is always the best one.
The end was so beautiful... Finally Kaname got his Zero :3 I am really glad Kaname just accepted him no matter how much Zero hurt him~
To be honest, I had tears in my eyes reading this story. You always write wonderful stories that manage to stretch my heart strings~

Can't wait to see more stories from you :3
11/27/2014 c7 sp
aaw sweet end. worth the wait (although i only read it now). great story i love it.
11/18/2014 c7 Tyana Smaragdina
Hi.I'm a big fan of this fandom from far back but i didn't have an acompte nor did i leave a comment until now (my english is bad).But i'm having difficulties to find new stories with our two boys without being too ooc or with lots of ocs, I only like reading if the pairing is KxZ or ZxK.I don't really care,if they're not to ooc,the story is good and not to much oc in it ,i'll read it.
You're the Queen of angst and you're one of the very few that's still around from a long ago,for that only i think we should thank stories are good,all of them ,"Buying a escort" included even if it was "light" it was refreshing to see that for once you didn't put our dear Kaname-sama through hell and back.
I'm looking forther to read a new story from you and see the end of the good old ones.
Have a nice day,bye.
11/13/2014 c7 just saying
I like this story alot, but couldn't help but noticed problems throughout the chapters posted. Why has your writing changed so much?
Compared to your other brillant stories like Feel with your Heart and the Phantom of an Oblivious Past, i just can't help but notice that this story was really badly written compared to your other stories which could legitly make me cry as you conjure up every single characters' true feelings and emotions.
While as for this story, I had to try to understand every single sentence and had to make out what you were trying to convey. But the only reason why i stuck through the whole story is because the plot was good. But i would say that I'm slightly disappointed with thois story. I would have expected more from one of my favorite authors.
11/6/2014 c7 Guest
Agree was too short - they are so sweet - would love omake of them together at event or with friends - to show others seeing their happiness :)
11/4/2014 c7 AnonymousGuest
Good story:-D Omg can u pleeeeeeease write a Ichiru/Zero ficO:-)
11/4/2014 c7 14The DeVil's eyes
it is the first time i feel disapointed when fanfic is ending early...
i thing this fanfic will last longer and be a very long fanfic...
can you upload the sequel? a fluff fanfic that full with sweetness? and of course ZeroxKaname
and i loved this fanfic, thank you for the great story...
11/3/2014 c7 5Haikha
I very much enjoyed reading this story, thank you for sharing it!
11/3/2014 c7 Guest
I would gladly to read that new fic! I like your story.
11/3/2014 c7 Skylar18
Oh wow! The end has finally come. I really like the scene between Zero and Seiren. It was endearing. The best part was the last part. Zero was Kaname's first love X3 That made me squeal and somehow feel bad for Kana coz he did all those things just to gat Ze's attention. Anyway, its been a fun, albeit, a short ride. I hope to see you make other wonderful fics dear Author-san! Ciao ciao
11/2/2014 c7 12Blue bird of paradise
Yay! Happy ending for our sweet Kana-chan : )
I'm REALLY looking forward to ur future uploads!
I love Zero / Kaname stories... n u write them so well! Your Kaname is so adorable n utterly delicious! (*﹃*)
Keep up the good work!
And in case u accept prompts... can u please write a fic with Yagari/Kaname pairing? Or an mpreg fic with ukeKaname... Or even better if u could write a fic with Yagari/Kaname and mpreg!
11/2/2014 c7 Guest
This story is wonderful with a very sweet surpise in the end. Well done!
11/2/2014 c7 Nokinaru
This story has been truly great and a pleasure to follow! I will probably reread it within this upcoming week. If you're gonna write anything else with this pairing, I will most certanly read it. Also, if you feel like writing another where Ichiru 'wins', you should definitely go for it, but I don't think I'll read it. Incest is not my cup of tea, even if it's in a fictional story (even though I do think it works and makes a great plot in this particular fic!). However, don't skip yourself out of it just because we (I) say we don't like it!

Again, great story, and REALLY great with all the explanations to all the 'shady' events of Kanames life at the end. Made me smile!
11/2/2014 c7 8irmina
Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Did I say beautiful?
Perfect ending to such a beautiful story. I love when Zero came to Kaname's penthouse right after Ichiru's play and confessed to Kaname , how he wants to be with Kaname and Kaname is the only one in his heart now.

The revelation of Kaname's true identity is beaufully written. I can understand how Kaname had been afraid of Zero's reaction when he found out, and I am glad it turned out well. It must be a surprise to Zero -sweet surprise- that Kaname has loved him for fifteen years. It explains the things Kaname had done for Zero, and how much he had endured for him including two broken hearts. I am very happy for Kaname, he finally finds happiness with his love Zero, and for Zero who finally finds true love with Kaname.

Thank you for writing such a beautiful story. I hope you will continue to write Kaname Zero stories. I will still read your story even if Zero ends up with Ichiru. But of course I love Kaname Zero best. They are the ultimate couple.
11/2/2014 c7 28myra k kuran
Very very very well done. It amazing. Great job.
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