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8/15/2014 c4 Ikutoooooo
I think ikuto can use his real name in the game too like asuna (amu) did. (sorry for my bad english, hope you understand :))
8/14/2014 c4 3Sandra Jewel
Hmm... I didn't expect Utau to be in the game. I expected her to be Suguha. Kirito's sister/cousin. It was a perfect situation since Utau fell in love with Ikuto even with their family ties and so did Suguha. Anyways, about Ikuto's real name. How about, Alto Tsukiyomi? Just a suggestion.
Update soon!
8/12/2014 c2 4Dragongirl2319
Well, the rest of the gang can be in Kukai's guild, the guild Ikuto joins, and the Blood Oath thing that Amu joins.
8/12/2014 c3 1StarElsie
I think you should make it a bit different from sword art online even though it is based on sword art online. This story would be boring if the things that happen are exactly like sword art online.
8/11/2014 c1 2Animefungirl12
Awesome. I read the whole thing. I think you should try to make your own plot though. Try not to do to much of what happened in the anime. Other than that I can't wait for Ikuto to meet sauna. Oops I mean amu. Lol
8/11/2014 c1 Animefungirl12
This is awesome. I love the idea. This is really awesome.i
8/10/2014 c2 qwinyne101
Hi again, Hannah-sama! This is a pretty exciting chapter! :DD I'm glad you updated Especially the ending, that was badass! BADASS IKUTO OVER HERE, PEOPLE! HE'S HOT TOO!

Fangirls: WHERE?! WHERE?!

Amu: OI! HE'S MINE! *pulls out naginata*

OI! BEAT THEM UP SOMEWHERE ELSE, WILL YA?! I'M REVIEWING HERE! Anyways, thanks for updating, Hannah-
8/10/2014 c2 1StarElsie
This is interesting
8/10/2014 c1 14Mrs. Flamer
This seems to be a straight copy of Sword Art Online. Why do you think this is interesting? Honestly, I'd rather read the novels again - which are written by a published author and are actually edited - than reading some cheap imitation like this.

As your reviews indicate, there will always be people who mindlessly read anything without caring whether it is original or not, but as the author, is that truly what you want to do? Copy someone else's hard work and change the names around? This is pure laziness. Even the reporter's dialogue is the same.

Instead of plagiarizing something, why not create your own universe? You could use the basic plot of it being an MMO and them getting stuck into it and give it your own twist. It's not like SAO was the first to come up with this type of plot, but why copy it all? Why are you even writing if you don't care enough to come up with something original?

I don't see why anyone should read this story instead of the SAO LNs (especially now that the author is working on SAO Progressive).

Lots of love,

- Mrs. Flamer
8/10/2014 c1 qwinyne101
Hello Hannah-sama! It's nice to see an author I haven't read from before, and after school's started again, no less! I appreciate you taking the time to make a new story, especially a full-length one! This story plot seems legitimate (or legit, if you prefer), and I am really looking forward to an update, so please, do it soon when you have the chance! Until next time, ja, ne!
8/9/2014 c1 Auburn
Cool. I think this the first SAO fic I've see done for shugo chara so I'll ne looking for updates! :)
8/9/2014 c1 4Dragongirl2319
Yes! I love SAO! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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