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6/26 c3 Guest
If she would just kill them then they'd stop pestering her all the time.
6/15 c3 2CMVreud
Always with the same PRT bullshit.

Instead of being helpful(and with a more nefarious plan in the background*) they decideto press that issue till it explodes into their faces like a f*cking mega-cyst.

*like , "She may be a trouble magnet but till now she always come up victorious, perhaps just wait and let the gangs have some fear for once and when they corner Taylor, we can help her and not only getting her goodwill, but perhaps even some new bagged villains."

This story is so faved.
6/15 c2 CMVreud
Ooof, can't let that fucking shit be. Can'nae, Piggy?

I can see this easily going the 'Daxin' route. As in Daxin 'leave me alone because I hate everyone but my little robodog or I'll f*ck you up beyond recognition and beyond death.'
6/14 c1 CMVreud
Outed by a PRT healer?
I would at least beat the shit out of that 'tard when the PRT dropped the ball.

The PRT confiscated my Berettas, my Ithaca 37, and the one that hurt the worst, my Ultimax 100 Mark 3.
What What the hell happened to my good ol' USA where people actually could own weapons.
I know, because she's a minor.
But why her dad made no peep...

There wasn't an age limit on open carry in New Hampshire. The problem was minors weren't allowed to purchase guns.
See the one before. Also *takes a deep breath and sighs*.

"It was a new PRT recruit. Once your kill count on Yamatai became known… it was a nickname that got circulated.
He's already been reprimanded, but you know how these things go. It's not on any official documents.
Your temporary designation is Juggernaut."
*groans mentally in Warp storm*

"You… you sound like it's turning you on!"
That would explain her hard-on for Taylor in as much as every ff and the OS.

"Remember, not a word to anyone, and if you see her just turn around and walk the other way."
Oh, you were serious.
As if that bitch would let HER hard-on for you go SS-Hess.

"Excellent work, Shadow Stalker. Keep it up."
Anyone other than Shadow Stalker approaches Juggernaut when there isn't a life on the line gets suspended and put up on review.
Just to let you know, Alaska is in serious need of volunteers for their teams.
Oh, right. They don't know about the bullying.

Why not use it for something that benefits you; archaeology for instance.
*grinning like the chesire cat that got the cream AND the canary*

You had my attention, but now you definitely have my interest.
4/1 c3 sirenensang
This is really cool, and so different from the text. Taylor as some unstoppable force is a delight to read.
3/27 c3 mst3ktoo
I liked this one, Shane it was so short. You are an excellent wordsmith, please keep going. I'm going to check your profile now.
11/16/2021 c3 adam110902
this is incredibly good
i wish there was more
10/19/2021 c1 Naelyon666
So, is Taylor a goal-oriented brute then? Like a determination powered lung without the dragon parts?
7/31/2021 c2 IamKroGan1
Man, for someone so smart Coil is really dumb. I really thought he wasn't gonna agro the new girl with a 400 killcount.
7/31/2021 c1 IamKroGan1
This was the least objectionable TT I've read in a good while, and Coil not antagonising the Cape who inevitably kills him in just about every fanfic is a nice change. I'm so fed up with Coil arcs.
7/11/2021 c3 1Bearmauls
This was awesome! Wish there was way more of it.
4/16/2021 c3 Earthly Entity
The story is amazing you definitely got me hooked
2/17/2021 c3 sirashacunia
This story is great. I just read it for the second time today, and it won't be the last. Somehow the combination of a not stupid Sophia, badass Taylara and a possible plot with mysterious ancient artifacts is just awesome. Will it ever be continued? Probably not, but one can hope
1/1/2021 c3 BlackStarMage
This was a really good story for how relatively short it was. good job.
12/17/2020 c3 Awa22
Omg, this is amazing!
I love your Taylor and this story so much!
I hope you’ll continue this story someday, because I need more!
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