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8/30/2014 c3 MyCopacetic
Dis gon be good.
Thank you dear author for this epic taylor.
8/30/2014 c3 6Lousy Poet Automaton
It's looking like it won't happen, but I'd still like to see this turn into a Taylor/Sophia ship where they get into it because of some animal attraction thing after they kill a bunch of people together. Yes, making out, smearing each other's clothes with the blood of the people they've offed.

I think that would be really amusing, Taylor finding herself intensely, physically attracted to Shadow Stalker despite loathing the idea.


If you intend to have Taylor learn some martial art, any art with striking is still basically lethal for her. She's got enough strength that any punch to the head has a decent chance of caving in the cranium (something that really doesn't get enough play in Spiderman-there is no way Peter Parker should have enough control, when he starts out, to be able to punch anyone without killing them). To put this another way, most fighters who are strong enough to bench press 300 lbs are huge, so their movements are slower, while Taylor is still the size of a slender girl, and is stronger-the kinetic energy of her punches is going to be crazy (speed contributes more to punch damage than mass because KE0.5mv2).

Only grappling arts would give her the chance to apply her strength slowly, with chokes and joint manipulation. So aikido/jujitsu/judo-though her throws could potentially still toss people hard enough to break their backs/skulls if they land wrong.
8/30/2014 c3 Rain Addict CM
Tsk tsk her dad falling for that trap! Damn good update. I love this story! More soon please.
8/30/2014 c3 5Orchamus
Dear lord, they are REALLY pushing her, too much more and she might snap on someone, and Sophia being oddly flirty likely isn't helping.
8/30/2014 c3 ShadowCub
Grow the hell up Danny stop acting like Andy from Mayberry, you should be glad Taylor has what it takes to survive.

The PRT. 'you're lethal, we want that lethality!'
8/30/2014 c3 Guest
Their attempts at selling the Wards to Taylor are pretty amusing. Joining them wouldn't have affected that incident in the slightest. She was in her civvies jogging home, no amount of spandex in her home closet would have helped her there. They want her to join a glorified police force to keep her "safe", as if deliberately going into dangerous situations and actively trying to draw attention was somehow safer than trying to avoid it all as she currently does.

Would learning non-lethal takedowns actually help her any? If she then killed someone, she'd be blamed for not bending over backwards to protect her assailants, how's that helpful? Fighting with kiddie gloves on is always more risky, and Taylor can't afford that risk if she's essentially a squishy trouble magnet. Besides, the people she lets live might well try again, it's not like prisons in Worm have good track records for holding gang members. Yeah, the lessons learned at Yamatai are still golden. No surprising, really. As far as gangs go, Brockton Bay is mostly ruled by the law of the jungle.
8/30/2014 c3 19Silently Watches
So much to say. First, and I still have trouble believing that I'm saying this, Shadow Stalker with a crush is downright ADORABLE. It would never happen in a million years and for completely valid reasons, but I am sorely tempted to root for such a pairing. The only way it could be funnier is if SS actually DIDN'T have a crush and Taylor was massively misunderstanding the situation.

The Merchant attack… I'm sure you're sick of the back-and-forth on SB about justified/unjustified lethal force and whether her ability has a non-lethal setting, so I'll just say that I think you handled that and the aftermath perfectly well.

And now we get to what was for me the meat of this chapter, the PRT scene. For once in the Worm fandom, I genuinely think that Miss Militia, rather than being part of the solution, is a big part of the problem. Maybe it's because she's gotten it into her head that her situation and Taylor's are the same rather than mildly similar, but she seems to need the help she received as a child and Ward. Taylor needs help, obviously, and you've already said she's getting it, but she's LONG past the point of looking at the blood on her hands and thinking herself a monster. She's now just apathetic about it all, and the therapy she needs most (keeping in mind that I'm no psychologist) is helping her move past the paranoia, flashbacks, and hair-trigger of her PTSD so she can reintegrate into normal society.

The first half of Piggot's speech I was somewhat in agreement with her, but in the second half… Again, it sounds like she's playing off Miss Militia's advice. They don't realize that while Taylor may or may not LIKE the person she is now, she has already accepted it.

Two more things, and then I'll shut up. One, I loved Taylor's threat of being "not nice", and that someone above them (Armsmaster?) took it as the danger it was. Her being "not nice" is why she has a body count of 437 and rising.

Two, while the PRT/Protectorate don't like the gangs, that's no reason to assume they'll be stupid about this. White girl who killed several hundred Pacific Islanders and now a Merchant? The Empire isn't going to be looking for a fight; Kaiser will either send one of his more personable capes to try to RECRUIT her or, if that doesn't work, put a bodyguard on her so the next time someone commits suicide by Killdozer they can whisper sweet nothings in her ear. The only gang members she has to watch out for (aside from the Merchants, even though my money would be on Taylor making short work of them) is Lung himself if he sees her as a challenge, but if he DID go after her, she'd probably retreat and take him out preemptively at a later date. Escalation to become an implacable foe means nothing if one night your head unexpected sprouts an arrow.

…Which would only make the Empire MORE interested in her, now that I think about it.
8/30/2014 c3 Zeeko
I only recently finished reading Worm (like two days ago and man is that story long!) and as such, this is the first Worm fanfic I've read (I've read basically all the decent HP ones and a massive portion of the crap ones too) but WOW. Loving this fic ] Eagerly awaiting the next update! Also very glad that I don't need to know much Tomb Raider stuff.

Also, before I forget, I love the half of your other fics that I've read too, especially Discordant, which I just reread before this. I'm a little sad that you haven't updated it in ages but I can live with it if you'll continue to update this instead! You write your lead characters somewhat similarly and I really like it so I'm probably going to end up spending this weekend reading the rest of your stuff that I don't remember/haven't read before and not doing any thesis work at all, but I'm pretty confident it'll be worth it. Sorry for the lack of actual constructive feedback and this just being a massive 'I love your stories' review btw.

Keep up the great stories, I love reading them ] Hope everything in your personal life is going well too! Have a nice weekend,

8/30/2014 c3 2Kythorian
Great chapter. I am really enjoying this fic. It has just the right mix of Taylor being extremely awesome without overpowering her, and some interesting character development too. I look forward to more.
8/30/2014 c2 MyCopacetic
Dis gon be good.
8/28/2014 c2 4Kerashana
This is far better then I expected. Can't wait for more.

Please Update soon.
8/28/2014 c2 deltawaves
Hey I have two questions.
1. Were did you pull the number 433 from.
2. Didn't she need to cauterise her rebar wound? Or are you making this an AU tomb raider.

Other than that this is a great story and I hope that you keep it up.
8/25/2014 c2 Rain Addict CM
Damn I haven't read Worm yet but this makes me really want to! Damn good story. I can not wait for more! I hope RL let's you update soon.
8/22/2014 c2 20uo-chou
Excellent work so far, I look forward to reading more!
8/21/2014 c2 SpRaCe100
Great story. And also, thankfully, great writing. :D

Will you have any mysterious powers, gods, artefacts, etc. or will this story be entirely about parahumans?
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