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for Mother's Dark Love

2/22 c130 4ZeroDragonFlame
Hope to see Jr and Mandy part 3
1/11 c1 Angehu
Can you do pink diamond and Steven
1/11 c1 Guest
Can you do Steven and pink diamond
1/2 c130 2Shadow Cannons
can you do Rudeus and Zenith from Mushoku Tensei?
1/2 c130 Shadow Cannons
can you do Rudeus and Zenith from Mushoku Tensei?
12/17/2022 c21 TheReader
Just a heads up your mystique kurt story was copied over at hentaifoundry, /stories/user/DarkFantasy3344/62107/Mystique-Loves-Her-Family
12/12/2022 c130 Guest
Really surprised you haven't made a chapter with Joseph Joestar and Lisa Lisa.

Maybe it could be about her catching him peeping on her when she's bathing.
12/10/2022 c130 Guest
Unohana X Kid Kenpachi
12/9/2022 c92 Guest
Percy x sally
11/25/2022 c130 45DanielCorcoran
Can the next one involve Sakura and Sarada?
11/6/2022 c117 7MaddyBunny10
Cray Cray goodness. And poor Lincoln lol
10/3/2022 c90 MaddyBunny10
That is some motherly love lol
10/2/2022 c6 Gemini-Spark
You have a story about daughters so can you make a sequel With Yua,Kushina and Naruto.
10/1/2022 c130 Gemini-Spark
Can you do Sonia Strumm and her Mother please.
9/30/2022 c129 Cameron Jordan
What about goku and gine
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