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for Mother's Dark Love

8/3/2021 c127 1Dragon Bone Z
Dear Author, when are you gonna update Alien One-shot?
8/3/2021 c127 Guest
How about Luke Skywalker and Padme Amidala?
7/22/2021 c86 SargentEpsilon
After reading this segment, and the "Ruby and Yang" portion of the "Dark Sibling Love" counterpart, multiple times, I've come to wonder how a story like this could work for Ruby and Summer. The best I could come up with is Salem and her scorpion faunus mad scientist use Summer as a guinea pig in creating a Grimm variant that hunts by positive emotions rather than negative. An experiment that backfires when Summer sides with Ruby and helps her undo the big "Fall of Beacon" plan as well as later plans down the line.
7/14/2021 c126 Mark LC
What About Bart And Marge Simpson Mother And Son
7/11/2021 c126 5OmegaDelta
Wonder if you will do a summer and beth or a morty and beth chapter next?
7/11/2021 c9 Vorig-Taranis
Really good chapter.
7/5/2021 c126 Mark LC
Chapter 127 Percy Jackson And Sally Jackson
5/15/2021 c65 thekingcobra4
doing Percy and Female Poseidon, why not do Percy Jackson and Sally jackson
5/7/2021 c12 2matthewchambers000
issei and Miki from highschool DXD
4/18/2021 c126 Guest
Series: Archer

Mother and Son: Malory Archer and Sterling Archer
4/16/2021 c108 matthewchambers000
Will there be one with issei hourly and his mother miki?
4/10/2021 c29 Shimuza
You ever going to continue this?
4/6/2021 c102 Anonymous
Continue this!
4/5/2021 c38 Fandom
Luv it keep up the good work!
3/29/2021 c1 Guest
Can you make one with Sima and kiawie
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