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3/29/2021 c1 Guest
Can you make one with Sima and kiawie
3/26/2021 c94 Orikuchi Hirata
Ah, the "Domination Loss" and "Female Dominance" kinks… given that this is Mandy we’re discussing about, this is unsurprisingly 'fitting'. Poor Grim Junior…

Though 'branding' her with an improvised branding iron made out of Nergal flesh… HONESTLY caught me off-guard there. Though who am I, a human mortal, to judge what the denizens of the underworld do in their spare time or behind closed doors? In fact, I’m better off not knowing…

You think Minnie might be open to being 'branded' as property, solely towards Junior here?
3/26/2021 c15 Orikuchi Hirata
I recognise a humanised Nicole Watterson, Ragyō Kiryūin, and Delia Ketchum in the story picture… so, who’s the carrot-top baby in the centre supposed to be?

"Now (some) would some would call her sick for that. But she was the Bitch Queen. She did what she wanted."
[When you’ve forsaken your humanity… human societal cultures don’t really apply to you, anymore.]

And if you want more Grim Junior and Mandy, I found this chapter that might 'interest' you (and/or others): s/11900620/13/Grim-Tales-Oneshot-Collection [id: 11900620]

("Grim Tales: Oneshot Collection" By: Aros001 — Chapter 13: "The Price For The Crown")
3/25/2021 c15 LEMON CAKE
You know what I find rather… 'ironic'?

Your portrayal of Mandy here as some sort of 'yandere' with a 'Jocasta Complex' arguably makes her more LIKEABLE (let alone REDEEMABLE/SYMPATHETIC) than in her canonical 'sociopathic' portrayal in both "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" and "Grim Tales From Down Below"!

3/22/2021 c88 Edgar115
Plank and planks mom..? Wtf
3/9/2021 c126 arkam5577
Tu historia esta increíble, aunque porfavor continua con el capitulo de nate y lily, literal ese es el unico cap o fanfic que e encontrado de ellos dos
3/8/2021 c126 3DCMarvelfan2K21
you should do one of Arella and Raven
3/7/2021 c87 cefiro101
Y cuando un capitulo con Morgana?
Ella también es su madre y tiene que reconciliarse con Artoria
3/7/2021 c126 10ImperialStar
This is a more than perfect moment to remind everyone that Takato's mother is called Yoshie too.

She just left this daot around here and I'm leaving.

by the way, excellent episode.
3/7/2021 c7 6Erick Kingdom
Estaría genial un Sakura x Aoi de esto.
3/7/2021 c7 Erick Kingdom
Final harem, perfecto. El Shirou x Sakura es lo máximo.
3/7/2021 c126 chriskidd2001
Well that was interesting
1/27/2021 c114 Guest
Oh I have an idea for the American Dad sequel. What if Stan took what he believed were steroids drugs but were actually estrogen pills changing him into his female. Feeling jealous and alone, due to Francine’s attention towards their son she decides to join them in the fun.
Not the best but it’s what I got.
Long time fan.
1/26/2021 c125 Guest
Queen leah and aurora
1959 version
1/17/2021 c114 Guest
Would it be possible to see a sequel to the American Dad with either Gwen or Hayley.
Love your work by the way.
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