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for Mother's Dark Love

11/19/2014 c9 24Rexfan1333
Really great chapter here!
11/19/2014 c10 Rexfan1333
This is very interesting, how about Danny Fenton and Maddie Fenton, Kid Ben Tennyson and Sandra Tennyson, and maybe Dexter and his mom (she doesn't have a name, but she is hot).

This is really cool and can't wait for an update.
11/16/2014 c10 king naruto
Would love to see a danny phantom chapter two fairlyodd parents chapter(one about timmy and his mom and another about wanda and poof) a johnny test chapter a phineas and ferb chapter a doraemon chapter two avatar chapters(sokka and his mom and a another one about zuko and his mom) a dragon ball z chapter with goten and chi-chi(read too many with gohan and chi-chi) a monsuno a sanjay and craig chapter a soul eater chapter already know your gonna make a ben 10 chapter hope you use these ideas
11/15/2014 c10 8The Keeper of Worlds
Nice, still a few more with a prego would be fun:)
11/15/2014 c10 105Hamm-Ram
naughty Mrs. Saturday. she's a naughty mommy and wife
9/21/2014 c8 LuBu081
Reaction: *reading so far* Aww, this is really touching.
*Reads: -want something to drink?- -reveals bare breasts-*
9/21/2014 c8 Hamm-Ram
very nice. you should put the name of the series at the beginning of each chapter for people who don't know.
9/14/2014 c7 3Reishin Amara
*nosebleed* very nice...

Btw...story idea I imagined lately...

What if iyla didn't believe her grandfather when he said her father abandoned her to adopt a boy...but interpreted events MUCH differently...by believing shirou was a fiance for her hand picked by her father!


So yah...iyla...wife in training...And she summons Bessemer early when her grandfather trys adjusting her into a trail vessel which would stop her aging...according to her...a loli would make a poor wife!

Should be funny to see how things go...especially when shroud is the sorta guy to just go along with it thinking this...

"well...if dad thought it was for the best...ALRIGHT.I won't let him down! *eye shimmer*"

The plot would be hilarious.
9/14/2014 c7 LuBu081
Hmm, how about a Lelouch/Marianne from Code Geass next? There's also DBZ with a Gohan/Chi-Chi. There's a Edward Elric with his mom in FMA:Brotherhood. Or, you could mix it up a little bit, like Black Rock Shooter. See, the main characters in the anime are the same, like Ichigo and his hollow, but in the game, it's strictly BRS (Stella) as an individual person whose mother, Sing Love (WRS/White Rock Shooter) happens to secretly be the leader of a group of aliens who have successfully killed off all of humanity on Earth with an army of robots and her few generals.
9/3/2014 c6 DrKnives
I don't think I'm right I am imagining the machine as the TF2 pyro's rainbow flamethrower. Also would it be wroobg to ask for Kill la Kill?
9/1/2014 c1 L337 m4n
I guess for a pairing. Something like Shirou from Fate/Stay Night and Irisviel. Or Keitaro and his Mom. If we knew Luffy's mom I'd ask to complete the Shonen Trinity.
9/1/2014 c6 28Tremor230
cool story.
What about Ranma and his mother?
and Keitaro (from Love Hina) with his mother?
Also, as someone else said, it would be awesome to see some "alternative versions" of the pairing you already used.
The story is good, with or without lemon contents, I like it and I will keep following it. good job! XD
9/1/2014 c6 5Fox Boss
Whoa! Please do Ed & Trisha(Sloth) next please.
9/1/2014 c6 Mr. Scary face
I'm gonna take a wild guess that the machine comes from "The Rainbow Factory". Since it was a machine and it was leaking rainbows.
9/1/2014 c6 1hellfire45
I think it would be good if you made a story to continue this one or make it a challenge for someone
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