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8/7/2020 c25 Guest
10/12/2016 c25 8Ngie
You have such a beautifull writing. I feel a little frustrated though, because I really needed more of regina and Emma's interaction. I guess it was your choice, but those moments were far too short.
9/29/2016 c10 hroofitz
i enjoyed both this chapter and your rambling. thanks!
7/8/2015 c10 Guest
I like Regina and Ruby as friends :)
4/20/2015 c22 MiDushiNoSushi
Damnit! This chapter made me cry a little... I'm super-pissed with Belle, but I get it. I'm also a little more in love with Regina for demonstrating such strength and compassion.. At least someone else finally knows some of what she went through with Rumple.. If they bond over this, I can only imagine her having a true friend in Belle after the dust settles...
4/20/2015 c25 ello2
A lovely ending to a great story. I liked how you gave Belle a glimmer of hope for the future. That there is already someone who was looking at her that way. Loved Emma's confusion and the Charming's reaction to stumbling on to Emma and Regina. How they fled in a hurry to go "camping" while Emma and Regina got some long overdue alone-time lol. Good suggestion there Henry :)

Also thank you for finishing the story. The last chapter worked brilliantly.
4/18/2015 c25 1c.miller1991
This is an AMAZING story. And wonderfully written! Great job! I'm gonna go check out some of your other fics
4/18/2015 c25 11TrustInFaith
4/18/2015 c25 blueaoineechan
Aww, beautiful ending. I hope to read more or your AMAZING work.
1/30/2015 c24 ello2
That was very touching. The way Henry, Ruby and Snow were when Regina woke up and how she panicked about Emma. A good talk between Snow and Ruby and I liked how Snow arranged everyone to leave so Regina and Emma could be together for awhile. Even if they were both still sleeping for the moment.
1/13/2015 c24 Guest
Does anyone know the story where emma goes with the evil queen, for some reason, who finds her son after snow and charming told emma that he died at birth
1/14/2015 c24 TrustInFaith
I loved it!
1/13/2015 c24 blueaoineechan
Yay, Regina and Emma are going to be okay! Where's Elsa? Or I'm just confused, I gotta go back and read the past few chapters again. Can't wait for next chapter! :D
1/6/2015 c23 ello2
Aww. All is good with Ruby and Elsa now. It's good that they finally got their feelings out in the open. Thank you also to Belle for kicking some sense into Ruby and sending her to find Elsa and fix their relationship.
1/5/2015 c23 blueaoineechan
(Damn) I hope Regina and Emma are going to be alright with (hopefully) no side effects. Thank you for making the whole Belle thing clear and for putting Ruby and Elsa together for certain. (Please?) Can't wait for next chapter! :D
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