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for Vengeance

9/17/2023 c4 14TheChamberofNagura
What I'm slightly disappointed by, was that I recall this story had several more chapters up till the end of the GMG, but I guess the author decided to remove it in order to improve it? It's a bit of a shame as I finally found this old gem again. Hopefully those next few chapters will be uploaded onto here, cause I'd really like to read them again!
5/24/2023 c4 Username6166
I wish you continued this
3/13/2023 c1 guadacanaria
yeah no, this is stupid
2/2/2023 c4 omni867
Please upload more chapters I want to see what happens next
1/21/2023 c4 omni867
I hope more chapters come soon
12/15/2022 c4 Bruhhhh
I wish you continued this
4/3/2022 c1 Gareth Hoksberge
I would like it back to the way it was.
11/12/2021 c4 tobitto
I really wish you continued this story, its such a good idea
10/9/2021 c3 Guest
Why is Fairy Tail so weak in this won't they have like 7 extra years of experience by now instead of losing like in cannon?
4/2/2021 c4 tamim22
dude when will you release chapter 5
2/15/2021 c3 10Thicc-Chungs
I beg you carry this on. I'm enjoying it quite a lot
1/15/2021 c4 Jake the ripper
Yo can you make more of this is it's amazing!
1/7/2021 c4 Dj
Yo can you make more of this?
12/23/2020 c1 Fateful-06
I love this fanfic, its my 2nd time reading it and it is still one of my favourites, just wish that it was continued but that doesn't look like that's gonna happen.
12/20/2020 c3 Nicketje02
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