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for A New Rise: Book 1: Misty Horizon

4/17/2021 c42 Ravenwing
4/17/2021 c40 Guest
NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not silverrain!
4/17/2021 c33 Guest
Raise your if you know the Aarmou ship.(or aphmauxAaron)
4/16/2021 c29 Ravenwing
Silverxrain for life!
4/16/2021 c28 Guest
My cats are Tigger and Oscar. Tigger's name would be raccoonstripe because of the black stripe that runs down his maybe Racoontail because his tail has racoon would be Pantherwind. Because he is playful and because he's a black cat that does NOT bring bad luck.
4/16/2021 c26 Ravenwing
Cinderpaw and scorchblaze and rain paw and sootpaw are my favorite
4/15/2021 c20 Guest
I would like 3 books maybe four if it isn't to much
4/15/2021 c19 Ravenwing
Ok so I'm just gonna do random words mk? I am so I'm not sure if I am so I'm not sure if I am so I'm not sure if I could be a little too late on this trip for that time though because they did all. It's pretty obvious how it feels about being on their phone at work to go and go out on your job with them as they are not allowed to fall in love.
4/15/2021 c17 Ravenwing
I'm a cinder girl!
4/15/2021 c13 Ravenwing
Hyperion is soooooooooooooooo suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuss!
4/15/2021 c11 Ravenwing
I'd recommend ilovewarriorcats123 as another aouther (sorry about the misspells!)
1/21/2017 c11 7InkblotLeaf
Haha, Cinderpaw's irritation at losing a claw was hilarious! xD "It was as if I'd lost a toe."
I always find it really amusing reading about towns through the eyes of cats, they always describe them in such a funny way, it's great! It makes me wonder how I'd describe a town if I'd never seen one... Probably similarly to be honest.
My reviews are probably pretty dull, apologies, I'm not good of thinking of interesting things to say. ' But I'm determined to get the story up to 300 reviews so I shall press on!
1/17/2017 c10 InkblotLeaf
Well, that story about the twolegplace wasn't at all foreboding. Hopefully it's not at as bad as it sounds, though I think I'll probably be proven wrong. xD Though of course without danger it would be boring! Anyway, I shall read on!
1/17/2017 c9 InkblotLeaf
Awww, poor little Rainpaw! He's such a cutie. That must have been so traumatic, gosh! I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like in his paws. And it would seem that they have stumbled upon a twolegplace! :O Well, I wonder how that goes! Well, knowing the twolegplace, it could go horribly wrong. But, uh, let's hope not! '
1/17/2017 c8 InkblotLeaf
I really loved the description in this chapter! It was so dramatic, it was great!
Poor Cinderpaw, she doesn't seem to have the best of luck does she? First being sick, now this! Thank goodness Sootpaw was able to save her! Hopefully her luck improve soon!
I'm really looking forward to them reaching the lake and seeing what they'll find there! :O If they make it in once piece that is. xD
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