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for Cleaning Out the Mind Palace

8/12/2014 c1 Ziggy
Aww poor Sherlock you can't just delete al memoris.

Interesting Little story.
8/11/2014 c1 28GeorgyannWayson
Hello there :) I have to admit, the concept of your summary really drew me into this story; I really love reading unique fanfiction within the fandom. I've never seen a fanfic that explores Sherlock's Mind Palace like this piece does. It really works with showing the process of how he chooses what information to keep and what information to get rid of (finally, a proper and sensible explanation as to why he's always forgetting Lestrade's name- certainly fits my head canon!)

I did see a slight typo: [...snot-nosed massed...] I'm thinking you meant 'masses' :)

Otherwise great job on your first Sherlock piece! I really enjoyed it. x
8/11/2014 c1 10Thisisnataliexd
I love this! It's an amazing one-shot :)

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