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12/7/2020 c7 Wolfman-053
So, among the Weasleys, who bet on fraternal twins? It’s a detail that’s escaped me across multiple readings of this fic. Bravo Zulu, sir.
11/5/2020 c11 Fairer010
10/28/2020 c11 Scarletpixiern
I love this story! Both of them are fantastic. Thanks for the updates, I thoroughly enjoyed both stories.
10/28/2020 c11 43BenRG
Good job, Vernon! They'll have your charges waived on the grounds of mental incapacity before you know it... Oh, but you'll have to spend the rest of your life in an asylum. Still... You win some and you lose some, yes?
10/25/2020 c11 1Lord Sia
... Well, I suppose that's one way to cement your 'non compos mentis' defence...
10/24/2020 c11 Wolfman-053
Do I sense a small Dragnet crossover? Love seeing Vernon get his just desserts.
10/22/2020 c11 182Luiz4200
Maybe he'll end up in a mental institution instead of prison.
10/22/2020 c11 2willam and jack and jake
nice well done
10/22/2020 c10 willam and jack and jake
Love it
10/20/2020 c11 Ep
Merci pour la lecture
10/21/2020 c11 starboy454
Excellent update
10/20/2020 c11 dianaanne
Cool; thrilled it’s completed!
10/20/2020 c11 5Margaret Luna Sullivan
Vernon’s going to be declared a nutter. He’ll never stand trial, they’ll put him in a rubber room. To quote Agatha Hannibal: “I’m heading straight for the nuthouse, with all the nuts and the squirrels!” Hilarious, as usual.
10/20/2020 c11 mab70
Such beautiful comeuppance!
I’m voting for Seamus and Parvati, though Dean is a close second.
Would love to see them sing at the Proms!
10/20/2020 c11 2azulkan2
Love all your stories. Glad to see Vernon getting caught.
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