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8/30/2015 c16 FarAwayFromReality
Nooooo but can you put a chapter in the new story where Tris left Four?
11/1/2014 c14 3First Runner
"Well that was pathetic." Eric said.
"It slipped." Al whimpered
"Well go get it!" Eric yelled.
"What...while they're throwing?"
"Are you afraid?" Eric says quietly.
"Of being stabbed by an airborne knife? Yeah."
"Everybody stop," Eric commands to the initiates. "Stand in front of the target." he says to Al.
"divergentoverblood, give me a hand here," Eric barks to me. "You're going to stand there while he throws those knives. And if I see you flinch, you're out." he says to Al
"One thing you will learn here is that orders are not optional." Eric says
"Stop. Anyone can stand in front of a target, it doesn't prove anything." Marcus defends Al.
"Then it should be easy for you to take his place. Same rules apply."
Marcus takes a nervous breath, I throws his first knife and it hits the target besides Marcus's leg
"Oh, come on, divergentoverblood." Eric mutters
I throw my second knife at it hits the target beside Marcus's left arm.
"You get get closer than that." Eric says. He walks over to me and mutters to me about his heart, about raping a poor girl.
I throw my third knife and it stabs Marcus dead in the center in his so called "heart".
"Watch yourselves, initiates. We train soldiers not rebels," Eric says as Marcus flops over. "Alright, we're done with the day, get out."
10/8/2014 c15 Guest
I understand with school and stories. It takes me a while to update a story because I'm so busy. School just takes up too much time.
10/9/2014 c15 2bribunny21
Keep going!
10/9/2014 c15
I was starting to wonder...
10/8/2014 c15 1Xrebecka.X
That was good plz update but u should make the next chapter just truth or dare...just a thought
8/29/2014 c14 Guest
40 reviews.. Awesome story
8/30/2014 c14 isswizz
Wasn't expecting that but still really good please carry on
8/30/2014 c14 2immadivergent
At the end... awwwwwwwwwww.
8/29/2014 c14 1Michaela46
Sad but good chapter.
8/29/2014 c13 2immadivergent
Dun dun dun... What is Tris planning?
8/29/2014 c12 isswizz
Please carry on this story it is really good and I cant wait to see what happens to four
8/26/2014 c12 2tammygirl1432
8/26/2014 c12 1Michaela46
He will tell them what his dad does and then Tris' mom will take him under her wing so that he can finish school.
8/26/2014 c12 2immadivergent
What. I mean, I- it's. he's- I.

There are so many words I want to call Marcus none of which are appropriate for younger viewers.

Well Tris has to visit him, right?

If only he had known about emancipation.


Oh well.
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