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for Total Drama Ultimate All-Stars!

8/13/2014 c1 24Sweeterthansugar
An interesting concept. Now for the tough criticism. It would have been a little easier of a read if it had been written like a story and chapter 1 (like theyre on a talk show and each appears says their share, Chris introduces each of the new comers, showing their audition tapes, etc). Also, TDI has in recent seasons given each teen a gimmick rather than a stereotype(as per the 1st cast) but the weapons dont really fit unless it's some kind of gimmick. (Ex:the light saber is good if she's a star wars fanatic and stuff like that.) Kay last of my harsh rampage. It seems like yur taking a bit more of a hardcore version on TDI (like with the weapons and blood soaked clothes, death written on the forehead, etc). Seems to be stretching the fairly comedic and innocent realm of TDI(thats up to you but looking at it from a fan's point of view). Anyhow this seems like an interesting idea and I look forward to it.

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