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8/20/2017 c1 Jayson Born
Hey, where's the update? Bring Holly back!
8/26/2016 c47 Preston11
Love dialogue exchange lol welcome back ;)
6/16/2016 c46 Guest
Good chapter. Alex sounds like a badass!
3/8/2016 c43 El Wappo the Gr8
Forget Evelyn, trying to figure out who those other 3 are related to
3/7/2016 c43 Dr No
Evelyn! Going by the other 'reveals', think i know which spy she is
3/6/2016 c43 DerDieDasDude
you still haven't got the your/you're thing down.
2/4/2016 c1 Emanforever
Loving this. It deserves more reviews, please update soon. :)
12/15/2015 c39 adela
Love it I can not wait for the next chapter and more to come on this book is a good
12/12/2015 c39 Anna H
Riiiiiiight, got it!
11/6/2015 c36 Dr No
OMG seriously?
10/30/2015 c34 Dr. No
Another fan favorite in Nikita! Sumone please maje this into a movie/series/whatever
8/8/2015 c28 Amber B
What I love the most about this is that I see it turning into a film one day...pretty damn cool.
8/8/2015 c22 Anna H
I LOVE this chapter! Could not put it "the american" captured every essence of one of my fav characters well...thanks for a great read, will keep reading! :)
8/2/2015 c28 pippa brown
8/2/2015 c27 pippa brown
When's the next chapter? This is a real addictive read...thank you!
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