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6/22/2020 c1 3Sophisticated Sage
Snape sewing? I like this mental image :)
1/28/2018 c1 1PurpleMist42
Super funny and cute, I loved it! _
10/17/2014 c1 2HMRoberts
giggling madly I have five cats. giggles become chortles They are ALL addicted to catnip. chortles turn into guffaws Enhanced 'nip and FIVE insatiable cats - picture it! guffaws rapidly escalate into full-bore belly laughter IMAGINE ALL FIVE TEARING INTO: Albus, Delores, Fudge, Scrimgouer, Pettigrew - and VOLDEMORT! Oh the horror! ROFLMBO This was priceless!
8/21/2014 c1 Guest
8/20/2014 c1 9DreamaLirit
This was hilarious, I truly enjoyed it. Great job!
8/19/2014 c1 Guest
8/19/2014 c1 1angel897
most funny to read :)
8/18/2014 c1 smithback
8/18/2014 c1 66notwritten
That was funny. I have three cats, they love catnip. Keep smiling.:-)
8/18/2014 c1 3punkyredhead
Very cute. I love the idea of Severus getting a little "revenge" on Albus and Harry even if it via Crooks. I always enjoy your HG/SS stories.
8/18/2014 c1 14writeratheart007
Okay it's not going into my favorites but I read this first thing this morning and I have to tell you after a night of bad dreams, you've just managed to make me wake up my father from a sound sleep from my laughing so hard. I'm definitely keeping this one on tap for when I want a good laugh, and the imagery is perfect!
8/18/2014 c1 27Mama Shmi

oh my god! LOL

very good fic!
8/18/2014 c1 2Gringotts713
I really don't like short stories..I am more of a novel length kinda gal, but I think this is my new favorite of the day! It really is fantastic and just perfect length. You made it funny and sweet without causing a diabetic coma. Thank you

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