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for Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

9/22/2015 c10 15armysugakookie
Thank god they are still alive!
I like your writing style! Simple and to the point.
I wish you had added the reason why aoko stole it in the first place.
9/22/2015 c9 armysugakookie
Oh no, its snake. Whats he doing here?
9/22/2015 c8 armysugakookie
I like how kogoro is taking the responsibility of an adult and worrying about them. Kudos to you mouri!
9/22/2015 c7 armysugakookie
Nevermind, my bad. I was confused of that ending.
For a second i thought mouri had turned bad guy. Guess hes still hes usual self, taking the statue for money lol
I wonder what kaito's planning to do? Prank mouri? Disguise as someone? I have a feeling that at the end of this fic, aoko will find out that kaito is kid
9/22/2015 c6 armysugakookie
Wait! Did kaito just switched his voice in front if aoko?
9/22/2015 c5 armysugakookie
Every chapter has a twist!
Id be hsppy if you can make the lines double spaced.
9/22/2015 c4 armysugakookie
I really really like where this is going so far
As expected of kaito kid to not be surprised at aoko's confession
9/22/2015 c3 armysugakookie
Wait. So the statue is not her first time stealing?
Please tell me she didnt put her fingerprints on it
9/22/2015 c2 armysugakookie
Wow i love this twist! Cant wait to see how aoko deals with this!
9/22/2015 c1 armysugakookie
Im xonfused...so aoko knows kaito's identity?
5/19/2015 c10 bbynk
This is an original take. I like your writing style.
9/3/2014 c4 22Yannami
Haha! Aoko, no need to feel ashamed when you tell Kaito about your little theft. If only you knew who you are talking to. Heck, your little problem's all but vanished the moment you confessed it to him!
9/3/2014 c9 Yannami
Okay, I know that this is supposed to be somewhat serious because heck, Ginzo Nakamori just got kidnapped and could be close to his imminent death but STILL - your writing style is hilarious! And my god, Kaito and Aoko are just plain adorable! It's a nice change of pace - seeing how Aoko is actually the cause of this dilemma because she STOLE SOMETHING. And I find it incredibly entertaining how everything seemed to rise into such a complicated problem all because of a little 'accident.'

Oh, and PS, I find it extremely cool how Kaito mentions Kid in this story. It's touching, really. If you knew his identity, you'd know just how much he cares about Aoko. He's even willing to taint his alter-ego's flawless name a bit! And I really like the bits where he uses his Kid skills to get around while he's Kaito. I hope to see more of that! The whole sneaking into Mouri's window while neighbors watched had me laughing.
8/30/2014 c9 40Intoxicated Gnu
My neighbors were being too loud so I tried playing music while reading this. That was a bad idea. It's not that the music is too distracting... it's actually that my mind starts wandering off and neither the story nor the song have my attention. Weird. I learned something about myself. You should be a therapist!

Okay at first I missed where Kaito was speaking in her voice and I just thought the kidnapper was stupid. "This girl must be a smoker! Well, whatever! We have your dad, little girl!"
Aw, Kogoro's a good guy. He was -sniff- my favorite character for so long and he never got any recognition.
Of course, stumbling into a situation like that may not be the best idea. Do something smart, Mouri-san!
8/25/2014 c7 Intoxicated Gnu
I haven't ruined my voice yet today, so my fangirl scream is ready to go! Yeah!
They were lucky Conan wasn't there. I mean unless he is in the next chapter. Then they won't be lucky.
WUGH I'M STUPID I forgot about the kidnapping and was all, "Huh call who why?"
You should describe the statue or something. In my mind, it's a hunk of gold that's supposed to be a person but is actually ill defined so it's more like just a blob. Like it has scoops for the eyes, there we go, it's a face I guess. Why would I imagine something so vague?
Not that you should have to fix my brain. I think you probably couldn't do that. Thanks for trying, though.
I'm imagining Kaito is either going to be super wacky and Kogoro will be stupid or Kaito will be a complete jerk. So I shall be happy to read what actually happens. Teens these days (shakes fist) don't know what a payphone is, so this seems right xD
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