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1/19/2015 c16 Lyra and Ryu
Fire or Steam whatever Deidara uses because I'm fricjing part pyro or something.
1/17/2015 c16 SapphiraIce
I'm too lazy to log in. Eh...
I'm also glad that you decided not to trash this chapter because the hug-fest is adorable, even if it is a bit OOC.
AotC: Oh, dear... Well, I like ice nature because I think that if Haku had lived to develop his abilities more it would've been flippin' AMAZING. I also like boil and lava releases because the style with which they're used appeals to me. Anything made with water nature chakra, I guess, because that's my favorite element/nature overall.
1/15/2015 c16 animeninjafan
Great chapter Dani! :D I do agree, some things were a bit OOC! -3- but I think it's all good! :D I'm with Konan on favorite movies! X3 I do enjoy Disney movies quite a lot! XP I'm surprised no one came to check on the ruckus at the park! XP like some old lady walking by and yelling "You youngsters and your crazy mumbo jumbo antics!" XD

I can't be an English or writing major at all! Those are my two worst subjects! DX I bet there's a lot of writing in those classes you had to take! -3- I can't believe I forgot to say Amaterasu! DX I didn't think that counted since it technically didn't have katon before it! XP Fire and yin and yang! :D I get to burn things and mess with reality! XP I think it looks fine! Maybe the font is different? -3- I'm with you about that school thing! I really wanna get out too! DX anyway, keep up the great work Dani and I look forward to a newer chapter! :3
1/15/2015 c16 Missingwings
It's a cute chapter. I feel you, when it comes to school. I'm a freshman in high school, so I still another eight years of this torture. Favorite chakra nature... Either fire or lightning.
1/13/2015 c16 11AWK and The Akatsugirls
1.) -Squeals- YES! ITACHI LIKES STAR WARS AND LORD OF THE RINGS! I KNEW I loved him for a reason! Also, never expect me to squeal again.
2.) uuuuuuhhhhhh... Idk what my favorite chakras nature is. I guess it would be either fire or lightning.
1/13/2015 c16 2GlitchInTheSky
Oh, I didn't know you were including Amaterasu and stuff for the favorite katon jutsu. I thought you were referring to a jutsu that didn't require a specific kekkei genkai. I like Amaterasu as well. Black fire that can't be put out until it destroys it's target. Perfect chaotic attack.
My favorite chakra nature is yin. The dark side has cookies. That is all.
1/13/2015 c16 2Magikarp Karp
Wood. Definitely wood. *smirk*
1/13/2015 c16 2SaiyaCat
This Chapter was AWSOME. Why? would you think its Crap. I loved this chapter. Giirrlll You CraCra.
1/12/2015 c16 Misakichan123
I think Haku's ice stuff is pretty cool, but my favorite would have to be fire.
1/12/2015 c16 15KyraReid
Ah I needed this. It was a good laugh reading the attacks lol. Favorite chakra nature would be wind. Or Yin if that counts
1/12/2015 c16 1ThePastaDragon
I'm glad you didn't trash it. :) It shows stuff. XD And it doesn't suck! It's lovely and awesome and amusing! 3

Answer: Earth, or maybe the magnetism nature.

I know the sentiment. College is a lot more exhausting the second semester than it was the first. I was really surprised how tired I was when I got back to my dorm, and today was only the first of the semester. Uggghhh...
1/4/2015 c15 animeninjafan
Great chapter Dani! :D I enjoyed the brand new chapter, especially the way it's heading! :D I'm taking a guess Alice took Zetsu to a prison! -3- at least he's using his powers for good…kinda! XP I thought Tobi's alone time was going to be longer, but I think you wanted to keep it a surprise still! -3- keep up the great work Dani! :3

Happy Belated Birthday Dani's baby cousin! XP I'm kinda late on the train! XD I think my favorite would be "Great Dragon Fire" I just like the thought of a gigantic blazing dragon destroying things with ease! XP I'm glad the doggies found a new home that will love them! :D I hope you get enough rest Dani! You seem to be tired a lot lately! -3-
1/2/2015 c15 7Floating Anemone
More bonding with pein? I wont ask for itachi since there'll most probably be lots of fluffy moments between him n alice right? And more with konan too please! Please update soon! Love your story!
1/1/2015 c15 1SapphiraIce
Happy birthday, Brooke! (Even though I don't know you and probably never will. Oh, well. Mama Dani willed it, and so it shall be.)
I enjoyed this chapter immensely. It appealed to my sense of humor, and I grinned almost through the whole chapter. Awesome work!
AotC: I don't really have a favorite Katon jutsu, but looking back through them... I like the Great Dragon Flame Jutsu. I don't really know the Japanese translation. The only real reason I like it is because, well, dragons.
Happy new year, and I hope you had a merry Christmas, as well.
12/30/2014 c15 1ThePastaDragon
Happy birthday to your cousin! :D And we love you!

I love the new chapters! XD Taking Zetsu out to feed is probably my new favorite. And I'm freaking glaaaaad she's already started talking to the major players about their options, even if it's only advice right now. It adds to the suspense! ;)

Answer: Uhmmmm.. Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu, aka Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique, Anime or Manga version really. I've always liked that one. Second place would probably have to be Amaterasu. Bad-ass at its finest.

Happy New Year to you as well! :D
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