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10/29/2014 c3 11AWK and The Akatsugirls
My top 3 Naruto Characters are as follows: Itachi Uchiha, Hinata Hyuga, Sakura Haruno. Naruto barely makes it in to 4th followed by Neji Hyuga in 5th. Okay, I'm done.
Also, my best friend, The-Music-Loving-Anime-tard and I could basically be the female versions of Brett and Louis. You know, aside from the relationship. She's basically my sister. If would be weird.
10/29/2014 c2 AWK and The Akatsugirls
Whoopse! I forgot to answer the question! For last chapter; I do both, but I'm currently just reading the Manga because I'm waiting for the anime to catch up so I can just blaze through it.
For this chapter: uh, favorite? Well, it's between Naruto and Fairy Tail
10/29/2014 c1 AWK and The Akatsugirls
God, the last time I read one of your stories I went by a different pen name and I don't think I left any reviews, but OH MY GOD WELCOME BACK I LOVE YOUR OCS SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN! (I promise I'm normally not this eccentric, I leave that stuff to my BFF, The-Music-Loving-Anime-tard, whom of which informed me of this re-write.) ok, see you next chapter, I love you.
10/29/2014 c1 Breana.G.Rodriguez
OMG I love this fanfiction so much it's my life. I am so happy you are remaking it the first was amazing I can't wait to finish this one when its done.
10/28/2014 c10 7GaaraRules29
Holy shit this is going to get messy, haha I love this story :D
10/25/2014 c10 animeninjafan
Amazing chapter Dani! :D I just realized that Alice was in charge the entire time and Kathryn broke a rule already! XD Wouldn't they be afraid to attack Itachi too since he can mind fuck you for three days straight, if he wanted! XP I'm still trying to figure out, how does Nagato control the Pein with them, since they are in a different dimension? XP keep up the great work Dani! :3

Make more and new cliffys! XP …I'm not looking at a turtle the same way ever again! O.O Would you actually kill people or talk and annoy them to death? XD Hmmm, I think Itachi would make the best teacher, since he more than enough insight on how to get their attention, he is extremely smart, he enjoys helping people, I bet he is very patient, and he is one of the least likely Akatsuki member to kill their students! XD I'm I'm the same boat as you! T.T I can't believe it's almost over! DX anyway, I look forward to the next update and I say, go ahead and flip shit in the AN! X3
10/24/2014 c10 24riptocs
I think Sakura would be a great teacher tbh even though I don't really like her.
10/23/2014 c10 Meruem Kyoo no Mina Rizardon
Hmmmm...which member of the Akatsuki would be the best sensei?

that's an interesting question.
In regards to Genjutsu and such, Itachi would be the best.
For swordplay and that, I would obviously go with Kisame.
Kakuzu and Pein would be awesome because they are both awesome. Kakuzu has his ability to use all types of jutsu, or rather, all the different elements, and Pein is just...Pein. Using his six different bodies and the Rinnegan, he can use every type of jutsu.
If you're more into inflicting tons of pain and such, Hidan would be the best since he can teach you how to make Jashin-sama make you immortal and such.
Konan could probably teach you how to do a whole bunch of different paper bombs and other paper-related things.
Zetsu...I'm honestly not really sure what our dual-personality friend could teach anyone. How to properly eat a human? I don't know.
Tobi...ummm...if anyone asks Tobi for training then they are insane.
Obito...um...he could probably get you to turn against everyone and follow his goals. Probably could get a Dōjutsu or something for you and teach you how to harness it? maybe one or two Sharingan eyes from his collection?
Deidara...I'd definitely go to him if I wanted to learn how to blow shit up. Hands down.
Sasori...he'd teach poisons and puppetry. That and he'd teach how to perform his art.
And if we were including Orochimaru since he stole the ring and such...Go to him if you want to be experimented on and become crazy and be raped by a snake.

Overall...Either Pein or Kakuzu.

You should probably ask everyone what Jinchūriki everyone would want to become if they had the option. or in other words, which of the Tailed Beasts would they want to have sealed inside them. Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Gokū, Kokuō, Saiken, Chōmei, Gyūki, or Kurama. Screw the Jūbi because it's an ass and needs to die anyways.

Oh and just because I want you to know, I know how to play Shogi. I even have a Shogi board at home. It's quite fun and nothing compared to Chess. Maybe another question could be "What Shogi piece do you feel that you are?" Since Asuma attributes Shikamaru to being a Knight and himself as a Pawn and they both say that the children of the Leaf are the King.
10/21/2014 c10 calkitty
Itachi. He would be pacient enough for helping the person learn whatever it is and has previous experience with children aka sasuke.

I love your "remodeling" of the story. I can not wait for your next update.
10/20/2014 c10 2SaiyaCat
Itachi, Sasori, Pein, and Konan. Nice UpDate.
10/20/2014 c10 3morninglilac
I swear, it's like you have the best timing on the fucking planet. You always seem to update when I'm down or in a bad mood. Thanks for being awesome and all that jazz. Anywho, how was your week? Mine sucked major butt.
10/20/2014 c10 18ShadowStained
Aw. Classic cliffies.
I'd say Itachi. Just because Itachi is the most peaceful, and he's like an older brotherly figure. Plus he listens to orders, so if he was ordered to teach you, he would do as told.
Im too tired for my usual rant.
10/20/2014 c10 10KaiFukugawa
I think Konan would be the best teacher to be honest. Though I would love to see Hidan try to teach a bunch of snot nosed brats that are far smarter than he is (I'm sorry I love you Hidan.) Pein I just. Whyyyy. And how? How would he have even. I'm really surprised I haven't made a spelling mistake yet because today has just not been my day. Like in bio he was talking about photosynthesis and he asked why we couldn't make glucose with just water, CO2, and photons as a warm up and I said "Because glucose hasn't been made yet." I'm so fucking stupid omg. Plant. The answer was plant. Which was what I had answered every question before that I just.
Anyway, great chapter as usual! How's school going? How're your dogs? I'm going to cry because Naruto is ending, that's my whole entire childhood basically. Watching Naruto reruns and reading the new chapters that came out.
10/20/2014 c9 KaiFukugawa
YES SHIRTLESS AKATSUKI. Ahhhh, the wonder of reading a revamped chapter. I absolutely adore this work of art with every fiber of my being I'd have to say. I'd want to be either a Jonin-sensei or a member of the Uchiha Police. Ugh I should be studying for exams but fuck it. This story is way more worth my time to be honest. Viva la Revolution.
10/20/2014 c10 Missingwings
Eww! Yuck, how do you even know that?! Gross.

Anyway, best teacher... I'd honestly have to say Itachi, or maybe Konan. Of all of the members, these two are the sanest and most patient. Sasori is extremely impatient, as proven time and time again. Deidara... Is a kid himself, and his obsession with blowing stuff up wouldn't be good for the students. Hidan is self explanatory, and Kakuzu is impatient and too focused on money to explain a concept so that people can understand it.(He's also so intelligent he wouldn't be able to 'dumb it down'.) Kisame might be okay, but he would be more likely to try to scare the students for fun. Pein... God complex. He would be too rule focused to properly teach. (Then again, Konan might have a similar problem.) Zetsu... Do I really need to bother? Cannibal, sadistic, very, very twisted priorities. Tobito, he's one of my favorite characters, but his mind is broken and his priorities are also twisted.

Itachi is pretty patient, plus having a younger brother has given him the ability to break down difficult concepts into more simple ones. Konan is also extremly patient, not to mention she seems maternal and would most likely go the extra mile to help her students, who she cared about.

That's just my opinion, but there you go. Hope it helped! On that note, I'm right there with you. I can't believe it's really ending! So. Very. Sentimental. And sad. Though other than Kakashi, the best characters are already gone, so maybe it's for the best. Love your stories, and I adore you and you amazing humor! :D
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