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10/20/2014 c10 1thedevil'sreaper
Itachi or Kakuzu. Itachi is a genius, while Kakuzu is very wise because of his age and experience. Kakuzu for general knowledge and world knowledge; Itachi for skills and specific knowledge.
10/20/2014 c10 SoulinShadows
Yay, muderous criminals! They seem much tamer than IRL. But soon will you put sarcasm in here? And for a teacher, it depends on the person, but I think it's Pein. He's smart, quasi immortal, and is quite knowledgeable on many subjects.
10/20/2014 c10 2GlitchInTheSky
Ah, my fave part about to come up.
The best teacher would have to be...Itachi. I know he's the obvious answer, but honestly, he really would be the best. He's patient, had experience (due to Sasuke) and he has a broad range of subjects. He's also good with children (when he's not purposely making them want to kill him). I mean, he's taught several characters (Kisame, Naruto, etc.) about deep things. My second choice would be Konan. She's calm and levelheaded, and she kept Nagato and Yahiko in line while supporting them.
10/18/2014 c9 animeninjafan
Amazing chapter Dani! :D I was chuckling the entire time reading this chapter! X3 Alice is living every fangirl's dream right there! Waking up between Itachi and Kisame! XD I still can't tell if she's insane, brave, or just being Alice! Wouldn't most people not wake up a serial killer like that? XD keep up the amazing work Dani! :3

Maybe your dog just saw the future and is now trying to tell you it's secrets! X3 Hmmm, I think I would like to be an Anbu-agent or a Jonin-sensei that way I can still go out and do missions, while being awesome! XD Are you sure you don't just like it for the URL? XP I look forward to the next update! :3
10/18/2014 c9 Meruem Kyoo no Mina Rizardon
I can't tell you how happy I am to see this is being rewritten! I've read the originals like 10 times...of course after they were finished though so I didn't get to do any of the QotCs. Now as for the current QotC, I would be a Jonin-sensei like Kakashi, Gai, Asuma (RIP Mr. Smoker! We all miss you!), Kurenai and any others that I might have missed. I would be a shitty as all hell teacher but I would have fun torturing the Genin with D-Ranked bullshit and training. Totally would go with either Fire and Wind as my Chakra Natures though. And I would be Hyūga. Sorry Uchiha and Uzumaki and even Nara, but I freaking love the Gentle Fist style of fighting. Hinata and Neji's 8 Trigrams are fucking amazing. If I couldn't be a Hyūga, I would be an Inuzuka. Kiba is amazing and Akamaru is fucking adorable.

Favorite three characters though would have to go to Kurama, Itachi, and Kakashi. Kurama because he is the Kyūbi and both his halves are amazing. Plus he's amazingly badass. I mean, who COULDN'T love that Ninetales? (Yes I made a Pokémon reference. Totally getting the Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire demo that the code is being released for on Monday or Tuesday. You can get it by making an account on if you haven't already and making sure you opt-in for the newsletter. A 3DS or 2DS obviously helps, but I disgress...) I love Itachi because he is badass, the Sharingan is amazing, and I love that he went through all the pain of the massacre and everything that Danzō (fucking asshole) did just to save Sasuke. Kakashi is just because he is hilarious and awesome in his own right.

Oh and by the way, you can insert the lines by going into the source code spot and putting hr / in the greater than/less than signs. Way to go . Screwing everyone over with every update. I look forward to future updates!

P.S. My favorite Starter is Charizard.
Kanto - Arcanine
Johto - Houndoom
Hoenn - Flygon
Sinnoh - Lucario
Unova - Hydreigon
Kalos - Talonflame
10/16/2014 c9 2Moriko no Hikari
I would totally go for T&I. I'd get to stab people!
10/16/2014 c9 15KyraReid
Either medical nin or a courier nin
10/14/2014 c9 2GlitchInTheSky
Oh, Genma.
I honestly forgot about him. He really does need more screen time. A lot of characters need more screen time.
Good chapter. Good day. Good chapter and good day equals probably the best day in my life.
If I could have a job as a ninja...I'd have to say bounty hunter. ANBU was my choice until I realized that I would have to obey higher ups and may (will) be forced to do something I don't like eventually.
10/14/2014 c9 24riptocs
William Shakespeare gave us swagger? We should murder him!
I think I'd like to either watch the gates because I'm lazy as hell or take on the occasional mission. I would also maybe like to do some work at the academy...
10/14/2014 c9 4BobabaTea
Tbh, Genma is my bae but I forgot to the question thing. Again.
I'm really bad at remembering that.
I'll answer it right now.
I think I'd be a normal Jonin, and maybe when I get older (if I survive that long, it's a ninja world, after all.) be in the council. Not all of them have to be assholes. I'll be that cool older lady who kicks ass with a cane and curses people out when they're being stupid.
And then sometimes I'll bake cookies and shit.
I have goals.
It works out, because I want to major in political science irl, and be in the Texas congress (We got our own congress bc we're better than y'all, dontcha know.)
Parallelism yo.
I want you to know that somewhere in my room there's a notebook and in that notebook, I have conducted extensive research and planned out my entire ninja career, were I am actual ninja, all the way down to my headband color (it's black, bc black goes with everything.)
It takes up like half of the notebook and now I want to go find it when I get home after my shift.
What is this thing you call a life?
Ahhhh, I'm suppose to be doing class work right now. I should probably get to that.
10/14/2014 c9 1thedevil'sreaper
T&I Department. Torture is fun... If not, Sensei or ANBU. Happy Halloween by the way.
10/14/2014 c9 ShadowBloodNinja
I went to NY comic con.
I was Konan for my cosplay.
I hugged a Kisame. His Kisame was spot on. I have a picture. Have to link you to it, its on my instagram.
And i cant wait until the new plot points. But i still love these rewrites. So silly.
10/13/2014 c9 Fanfictionlover124
I'd be a Jonin-sensei and create the strongest team ever!
10/13/2014 c9 1Cal-Kitty
T&I probably or ANBU. Also are ou changing the plot at all or just fixing writing and grammer mistakes? Also will you be putting more Brett and Louis in it?
10/13/2014 c8 Cal-Kitty
Anko is badass!
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