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10/8/2014 c6 10KaiFukugawa
I love Kisa so much. He's such a bulky shark sweetheart. Truthfully I think I'd be in Nara or maybe the Uchihas? I don't really know.
10/8/2014 c5 KaiFukugawa
I love Louis and Brett so much. They're my spirit animals. Aghh and my last review cut off because I'm a meatball and I clicked the post button instead of the backspace woot. What I meant to say is I also really like Hanji but they're nonbinary so they don't fit into male or female ; Alex is still fab as usual. I'd friendship marry her. I really like Taki because I don't know. It's name is cool and it's pretty. Yes fight the power friend, quit your job if your boss is being a dickhead because other you don't need that shit. ️
10/8/2014 c4 KaiFukugawa
I'm crying right now oh my god. Dad!Aliceis now my new canon. Itachi is totally the bottom of that relationship. Dad!Alice and Mommy!Itachi. I loved this chapter beyond words I just. There's way too much that I want to say about it that my minds getting jumbled jfc. But yeah, my top three favorite anime characters of all time. Um, well there'd have to be a list for the guys and the girls separately. My top three guys are Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, Deidara, and Inuyasha from Inuyasha. Of Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul because he's a piece of shit and I love him. Or maybe Levi and Armin for AoT idk. My top three girls are Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach, Blue from Wolf's Rain, and Kirara from Inuyasha (she's a cat demon but oops oh well.) I also really like Hanji but xe's nonbinary
10/8/2014 c3 KaiFukugawa
Dude college sucks. So do jobs. I hate both of them with a burning passion. The kitties are still perfect though and I have no idea whatI'm doing right now it's very late at night. From here on out I am going to shamelessly review every chapter because why the hell not. Throughout the whole series of Naruto, Deidara, Kisame, and Kakashi or maybe Hinata have been my favorites. They're all precious.
10/8/2014 c2 KaiFukugawa
I feel really bad because I haven't reviewed this story and I kept telling myself that I was going to review the first chapter the SECOND it came out and then school happened. u-u still, I love this story though and it's literally perfect jesus christ. I really don't know what else to say without sounding really creepy but yeah. I know it's a bit late to answer the question to this chapter but Bleach and Wolf's Rain are my favorite amines in the history of anime. :3
10/8/2014 c8 4BobabaTea
Ahhhh. I finally got around to reading this!
Nostalgia feels are too OP.
(BTW, I lost my technology so I was absent from snapchat. BUT I SAW YOUR SNAPS. That Jesus car made me want to cry, as a non-hetero, I am insulted by their audacity. Dont just tolerate! BOW TO US, YOUR NON-HETERO OVERLORDS. Lol.)
Hi. I'm a very nice, innocent girl who would never plan world domination.
I have no idea where you got such a notion.
Errrggggg, Adam reminds me SO MUCH of my ex. He was as asshole, and refused to break up with me, so I broke his nose and kicked him in his family jewels with high heels.
I have yet to feel remorse.
I vaguely remember something in the old story about Adam kidnapping Alice?
I'm excited to read that again, give him a kick in the balls for me, kay? Maybe then he'll learn to use his other head.
Revenge is sweet, ain't it?
Shhh, what is violence? I'm never violent. I told you, I'm a sweet, innocent girl.
Perish the thought.
I fuckin' love going to the mall.
GODS I LOVE SHOES. (Read: heels)
Have you ever been to that store, Earthbound?
Okay, I'm done.
I'm off to go get fat off of those truffle cookies.
10/7/2014 c8 animeninjafan
Am I the only one hoping they were going to meet some fangirls and fanboys?! XD plus, Itachi is obviously too cool to mess with! -3- oh joy, the kill joy is here! -.- By real do you mean drama like or action like? Also, would it be considered a spoiler, if I said what happened in the original run? :3 Keep up the amazing work Dani! :3

Pssh, you were! Don't hold yourself so short now! XP I kinda knew that fact too…yea, I kinda know a little too much about animals! XD Did you know Arthropods have been around since the Cambrian period? That's I think around 550 million years ago! X3 My favorite special jonin would have to be Anko! She's got that fiesty and not taking any crap attitude about her! XD I look forward to the next update! :3
10/6/2014 c8 3morninglilac
I love you soooooooooo much! I had a really shitty week, and then I saw that you updated, and now I feel so much better! I swear, this shit's better than Redbull (okay, it's not THAT good, but whatever...) Anyways, you rock, and thank you. Please update soon, if you're not to busy! :D
10/6/2014 c8 StormWatch the NightFury
OMJ! She's ALIVE! You amazing person you! I only recently made an account here (cause I'm uber lazy and incredibly unmotivated to boot!) But I've been reading on fanfiction for a while now. This has to be one of my all time favorite trilogies involving Naruto! Seriously though, you're an amazing author and I just about spazzed out when I saw you were doing a rewrite,(My roommate gave me a weird look, she doesn't understand my level of excitement!) So I just figured I'd drop a line since I finally could do it non-anonymously. I'm just so freaking excited right now you have no idea! I just read all of this in one setting instead of doing my chemistry homework! (meh, I'll get it done eventually) My favorite Tokubetsu Jonin would definately have to be Anko, I love her! Anywho, thumbs up for the awesome chapters so far!
10/6/2014 c8 2GlitchInTheSky
Anko is my favorite from the first time I saw her. Spiky hair, badassery, slightly insane first impression. All qualities of my character type.
Good chapter. Had a shitty day today, so an update was one good thing.
10/6/2014 c8 1ThePastaDragon
Heyo! I timed it really well didn't I? XD A chapter update popped up the day after I found this. Woot! Thank you for being a nice person and updating early! :D

Answer: Anko! I love that crazy bitch. :3

Ps Did you hear that Naruto is ending in November? T-T My childhood right there.
10/5/2014 c8 2SaiyaCat
That was So SWEET. Fuck Adam Needs to Get Beat within an Inch of His Life.
10/5/2014 c8 18ShadowStained
This was a nice long chapter.
It feels different from the original, it felt very melded with the original. I couldnt place as many differences as i could with prior chapters.
I enjoyed reading it. I love when you update.
Cant wait until next chapter! _
10/5/2014 c7 1ThePastaDragon
Hello again! I know I'm way late but WELCOME BACK! I missed you! I loved the original, and I'm excited to see any and all changes and not-so-changed stuff. :3 I love reading the other story, and if I were to rank your writing, I'd probably put your trilogy as my #1 series on the fanfiction site. I love everything and I can't wait to see what happens next! (Ps sorry if I'm coming across as weird, I'm just really excited that this is being revamped and all..)

Err.. To answer your question at the end of this chapter:
OTPs: NaruHina, SasuSaku, NejiTen, ShikaCho, ShikaIno, ShikaTem, KibaShino, KakaIru, KakuHidan, KisaIta, KonaPein, SasoDei, ZetsuTobi
OT3s: SasuSakuNaru, KibaShinoHina, ShikaInoCho,
BroTPs: NaruSasu, SasuIta, KisaIta, GaaKan, MadaHashi, HashiTobira,
NOTPs: NaruSaku,
I know. I left some off, and added too many on some. I can't help it though. Some of these are just too good to go unmentioned..

Anywho! I'm going to go bother somebody else now! _ Glad your back (once again I know I'm late and I apologize for that..) and I hope you and your friends are doing well.
10/5/2014 c8 SoulinShadows
Awww, look at the adorable little murders. And hidan, you're not gay, you are probably poly sexual. And I'd have to say Anko. Well anyway, I needed this, past few days have been rough. Love you and thank you for the chapter!
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