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10/2/2014 c7 animeninjafan
Ah, here's the chapter when they turn human again! :D I'm not surprised Alice was nonchalant about the whole! X3 she's already technically living with a criminal(Louis)! XD I can't wait to read their reaction to a car ride or meeting hormonal teens! XD keep up the amazing work Dani! :3

I actually knew that fun fact already! -3- I also don't have an OTP in naruto, but in a different fandom, I hella do! XD Also, didn't the new naruto game have different versions of each akatsuki member now? I've been curious about that and I heard Shisui was in it too! How did he even get a susano'o?
10/1/2014 c7 7GaaraRules29
Hahaha ow man I love this story I so can't wait to read more, HAHA I laughed so hard all though this story :D
9/29/2014 c7 8Nerd4ever243
It makes no sense but my Naruto OTP is ItachixHinata, i would commit murder for this pairing. My NOTP is ItachixSakura because of the aforementioned ItaHina and I ship Sakura with someone else (coughInocough).
9/29/2014 c7 2GlitchInTheSky
Ah, the stress from school is fading away.
I always love your questions. They're not simple one word questions or questions that I can answer without thinking, but also not too deep where it goes into the realm of so-deep-I-must-be-high deep.
So I actually don't have many pairings I enjoy in Naruto. But I do have pairings to prevent other pairings. Therefore my OTP must be SasuNaru to block off Sakuxanyone (no matter how strong she gets, she just rubs me the wrong way). OT3 would have to be...I actually have no clue. Never went there. BroTP would have to be Madara and Hashirama. As a Madara fan, I was a bit angry with Hashirama at first, but he grew on me. And then the cuteness hit. So BroTP. And of course, NOTP is going to have to be Sakuxanyone.
I want the new game! I bought Ultimate Storm (I think) thinking I could get Madara, but nope. So I will now save money for the new one.
9/29/2014 c7 2SaiyaCat
9/29/2014 c7 Missingwings
Similar to the old one, but different and better! Alice never gets old. Yay! It's Tobito! Obito is one of my favorite characters, and now I'm wondering how this is going to change the story... I really want that game! I saw the Akatsuki walkthrough on YouTube, it was amazing! I bet the combo attacks are awesome, too.
9/29/2014 c7 Triple T 123
Need MOAR! 3
9/29/2014 c7 9Frostfire613
My Naruto OTPs are

M/M: Naruto/Itachi
M/F: Female Naruto/Itachi
F/F: ...I got nothing...I don't really read F/F fanfiction.
9/29/2014 c7 4BobabaTea
Tbh, Snapchat is literally all I do in some of my classes. I like to take pictures and draw random shit all over them.
When I figure out how I'm passin my classes, I get back to you.
*hinthint*my snapchat is that blue name by this review.*endhint*
Wow I'm so original.
YES WE GOT TO THE ACTUAL AKATSUKI PART (did I misspell that? I think I misspelled that.)
Is steamy in here or is it just me? (Answer: it's Kisame.)
I have much love for our Blue Man.
I'm blue and aba di daba die
Hoookay. Fan moment over.
I must admit, I'm no longer keeping up with the Naruto manga.
Tbh, I feel like Kishi was pulling shit from his ass half the time.
Sharingan is 2OP, and borderline ridiculous.
I just couldn't do it anymore.
Not to mention. I'm so PISSED OFF about how USELESS Sakura's being. She was my favorite at the very beginning because she was a 'main character' female and I had high hopes for her. They were more or less crushed until the Chuunin exams and some hope was restored and THEN THE TIME SKIP WHEN SHE HAD SUPER STRENGTH LIKE HELL YEAH SHE A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHO DON'T NEED NO MAN AND CAN OPEN HER OWN JARS.
And then FUCKING SASUKE. I don't really like Sasuke anymore as much (that's a rant for another time.)
I thought she was gonna do shit.
She's a background character now, from when I last read.
Wow I got really off topic.
I do apologize for that.
Fuckin' feels man. I can't do it anymore.
People be dyin' left and right my heart can't take this.
I have a philosophy- if I haven't read the chapter, then they're still alive.
I dare not look at how long this got- I'm on mobile.
Oh man, I've missed my nonsensical rambling on your reviews page.
I'm pretty sure you haven't, though. XD
Ahhh, I have class work I should be doing.
9/29/2014 c7 SoulinShadows
Wow. Everyone here is surprisingly well adjusted. I'd be freaking out, but kudos to them. Good luck Alice!
9/29/2014 c6 SoulinShadows
Blonde? Bisexual? Crazy? Are you sure you aren't talking about me? Fantastic chapter.
9/29/2014 c7 18ShadowStained
Be my snapchat friend. I hardly ever snapchat, but i'll probably eventually have fun ones. My snapchat is ShadowBloodNin.
And i noticed the differences in this chapter. Im still very pleased some of the old moments i liked are in here though.
Cant wait until the next chapter _
9/27/2014 c6 animeninjafan
Amazing chapter, Dani! :D this chapter was adorable and hilarious! Especially, when Alice announced her undying wish to bed Itachi! XD Plus, the mini heart attack Itachi had was perfect! XD I kinda wish some of the kittens stayed with Brett and Louis now! XD keep up the amazing work Dani! :3

Is it really that good? :O I'm still contemplating on getting it! Drinks some water or scare yourself to get rid of the hiccups! :3 But they are adorable when they're young! X3 Honestly, I would either be in the Nara clan or Uchiha clan because I'm a lazy genious, family oriented, calm, and cold when I have to be! :3 That's awesome! I'm glad you got an A on your Spanish test! I look forward for the next update! :3
9/26/2014 c4 1FxckChaos
Fun fact: my sister and I once made a guide on how to kill Kakashi

1-Itachi. He's been my main for three years now and no one can take his spot!

2-Yuu Kanda from D. Gray-man. He's so adorable and grouchy all the time. Once it hits somewhere in chapter 180 (I think? It might've been later haha) he gets so smiley and I just die a little

3-Levi from Shingeki No Kyojin. He has the best booty out of everyone. Plus, his shit jokes and "big ass trees" kills me XD
9/26/2014 c3 FxckChaos
Favorite three Naruto characters, let's go!

1-Itachi. He's always been my favorite, ever since the first time I saw him. I don't know, he's jut so amazing and perfect aND I WANT HIM

2-Sasori. My baby Sasori. Not only does my favorite English voice actor voice him, but he's just so damn perfect. I think of him as more of a hot friend who acts like an asshole than anything else, though.

3-Sakura. I don't care what anyone says, Sakura is queen. She was annoying when she was younger but come on, so was all the other female characters. She grew up and turned into a badass. I don't know, I've just always loved her character.
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