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9/24/2014 c2 1TheFandomGuy90
The kitties are back! I loved the new parts of this chapter, and to answer the question my favorite anime is Fairy Tail. I know lots of people love it and lots hate it, but I'm head over heels for it. It's great.
9/24/2014 c1 TheFandomGuy90
Hello DaniZaraki! After seeing you started this I went to re-read the original so I could see how much it's improved. I just finished it today and began this one. I've read CYK like three or four times now. I'm super pumped for this and to see what you'll do with it again. Your recent arrival from the depths of fanfiction may have just reignited my spark for writing it as well. I'll look forward to CYK 2.0 and once more, welcome back.
9/23/2014 c6 2GlitchInTheSky
Nice chapter! Makes me happy as always to see the notification of a new chapter from you.

As for my clan, I need to do a little research...
Alright, so Uchiha, Hyuuga, or Kurama clan.
I can be loyal like the Uchiha then flip a switch if my precious person is hurt.
I'm observant of physical things and clam like the Hyuuga even though my eyesight is pretty bad.
I'm have a sort of contradicting personality like Kurama clan's double personality.
So it's between those three. I didn't want to just pick one ('cause then I'd pick Uchiha) since you said not to be biased to the clan we like and try for personality.

9/22/2014 c6 2SaiyaCat
ConGrats on your Test your fucking Smart. I Suck at Spanish. I love this chapter it is so awesome. How was your day?
9/22/2014 c6 theButtsexual
9/22/2014 c6 15KyraReid
Congratulations on your Spanish. I'd be in Inuzuka. I love my dogs. Or the Kagetsu, since I'm working on becoming a certified herbalist.
9/22/2014 c2 1FxckChaos
I've been getting into D. Gray-Man lately, but my all time favorite is Black Butler. Personally, I like the manga better than the anime, but its been getting better (especially since they added the Circus arc!).

Durarara is an all time favorite as well. I watch it when it came on Toonami a few years back with my brother, and I re-watched it this summer. Izaya is the love of my life, okay (his voice actor is Sasori and Ichigo's hELLS YEAH)

I'm stuck between Saiyuki and D. Gray-man for #3. I've been watching Saiyuki since I was little (it was my first anime XD) and I got into D. Gray-man this summer after having it recommended. It has an amazing and original storyline in my opinion and I love it a lot. Kanda is the human embodiment of man dime omg. I don't like the voice actors the chose, though.

There's my long list. I'd love to here back if you know any of them!
9/22/2014 c6 9Frostfire613
...personality wise, I'd go with the Nara clan.

If I was to choose an ability tho, I'd go with either the Uchiha or Kaguya clan.
9/22/2014 c6 TheNewBlueMoon
Nice chapter. Andvfor clan I'd probably be in the uzumaki clan. Im hit headed, easily angered and I can hold a grudge. But im also very kind and very forgiving if the right words are said. And im also loyal to my friends. I can't wait till ur next update. Until then
9/22/2014 c6 S1L3NTK1LL3RJAY
Clan? Damn, I never actually thought about that... I don't actually know. Psh, maybe Nara? I have a pretty high IQ but I don't try in school... Fuck homework, I don't believe in that shit. It's against my religion. Also, 92% of my life is the computer. I play sports but meh, I don't care about winning unless I hate the other team. Either Nara or Uchiha, I don't generally talk to people unless they speak to me first, I'm just very shy. I don't really have arrogance problems, but, I do think I'm mostly better than everyone else, 'cept on FF, becuase I think they're all stupid and a waste of space. I don't care about power though, I'm too lazy to workout and shit, so yeah, I'd say Nara. I love your story. Bye. BTW, I didn't know revolution came out, I thought it came out in November? Well shit, now I have to go buy it. What's the scale for it being fucking awesome? 1-10? Or 100, depends of course.
9/22/2014 c6 18ShadowStained
I read this in chemistry for the last like five minutes. I was very pleased.
Its a monday.
My spanish teacher always looks to me for the answers when no one knows and im like "Um. Uh. Maybe this...?" Unless i do know it. Which is 90% of the time.
Anyway cant wait for the revelation of the Akatsuki.
Have a good day :)
9/21/2014 c5 24riptocs
Dani! It has been a while isn't it? I haven't been on fanfiction lately because school has been kicking my butt but I'm so excited to see this story!

And my favorite naruto village...I like Konoha in general because of the peacefulness, but I like Taki's village location lol
9/19/2014 c1 1FxckChaos

I've been watching the anime with my mom and sister since I was younger and I started reading the manga not too long ago c: I'm already on chapter 90, which is after the second test of the exams.

I was going to read this the day it came out but my internet PMSed and I've been wifi-less for a while. But now it's back

I've missed Brett and Louis so so so much. Alice was such a babe and I can't wait for the sarcasm battles. I'm so happy that I get more Akice, Kat, Brett, Louis, and my Akatsuki bae's
9/17/2014 c5 1Deorc
I'm super late in sending this, but I'm excited that your rewriting the series! Of course I love the original, as I believe it was the first good story I had read on fanfiction, but this time I can follow and review as you post them. Though, I warn you I'm no good with reviews.

I'm really enjoying the more detailed descriptions of the characters. I can picture what your OCs look like a bit better now. I'm also really glad that you're not having the Akatsuki change back into humans as quickly as the original. That was probably my only complaint because it felt a tad rushed to me. I had more to say but I'm drawing a blank at the moment thanks to my shitty memory...

My favorite of the Naruto villages would probably have to be Amegakure. I love the rain, and it looks like it would be a rather unique place to live. As long as war wasn't taking place in it, at least.

Gotta love the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. And I wish you luck on your Spanish test. I for one would fail miserably as Spanish and I don't get along so well. All my teachers were lazy dicks who didn't give two shits if you were struggling so I lost interest in learning it.

Anyways, before this review gets any longer, I love every bit of this story and look forward to reading more! :)
9/16/2014 c5 animeninjafan
Amazing chapter! :3 but I am curious to ask, do you still keep in touch with Brett and Louis? Anyway, I enjoyed this chapter quite a lot! :3 Alice's interactions with Brett and Louis is hilarious and quite random! I do have to agree with Kakuzu and Kisame, I'm getting whiplash from Louis mood swings! XD keep up the amazing work Dani! :3

Ooo, a fun fact! :3 are they all going to be new or used facts? My favorite village will have to be Konoha, due to its rich history, unique ninjas, and the Hokage Mt. Rushmore! XD I've actually, never seen Lord of The Rings before! Or Star Wars and Harry Potter! XP You could have talked about talking to friends, playing with your dogs, and writing stories! :3 I'm so glad I'm done with Spanish now! XP I didn't even knew you had a job! :O I feel so left out! XD
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