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9/8/2014 c4 15KyraReid
Itachi, Sesshomaru, and a toss up between Kisame and Loggy. And guess what! The store i work at, SanTan, is going to be expanding and my position as Assistant Manager is going to rise. I'm very determined to become a rich business woman and buy an island. You can get one for under $400,000. That's less than a condo in New York, my state. And that food conversation sounds like Zac and I when we talk about getting food. Wells, I loved this chapter, though I tend to love your writing in general too. I laughed here. Till next time, see ya.
9/8/2014 c4 Good morning Dave
I really like the extra interaction between kitten-Akatsuki and Alice, Kathryn, Brett, and Louis. The bit with Konan reading the fashion magazine with Kathryn while between said blonde's arms was adorable. Yes! More interactions between Brett and Louis, who doesn't love those two? Seriously though, tell me if someone bitches about it. I will beat them up! And last but certainly not least, my weekly dose of the sarcastic glory that is Alice. Please allow me to bask for a moment... I seriously have an addiction problem. My phone alerted me to the new update and it was just torture for me to wait until my work break to read this chapter.

It would be amazing to see both Pein and Konan just smothered with all the love that they deserve. Obviously all of the Akatsuki too, but I just have inexplicable affections for the two surviving Ame-Orphans. Yes... loads of love, cuddles, and kisses to the duo.
9/8/2014 c4 ShadowBloodNinja
My phone logged me out. And the bus is too bumpy to bother logging back in.
Anyway. Loved the banter in the chapter. It made this shitty bus ride bearable.
Its hot out. Like. I think this bus is melting my backpack.
And i think my friend goes to your university. Not sure though.
Anyway. Awesome chapter. Cant wait for the next. :D
9/8/2014 c4 1Teddy1994
Loved it! I gotta say, you swear about as much as me and my friends do. It can be quite disturbing when new people come over, especially with all the sexual innuendos that get thrown back and forth.
And, as to my favorite characters, I'd have to say; Asuna from Sword Art Online, Hinata from Naruto, and Alucard from Hellsing.
(Plus, I have a Harry Potter themed tattoo with plans for many others!)
9/8/2014 c4 8Shadow the Ranger
My top 3 characters are Levi (Attack on Titan), Envy (Full metal Alchemist), aaaannnd Sestian (Black Butler)

Also I have to say that I love that your coming back to the series! I love this trilogy soooo much!
9/7/2014 c3 theButtsexual
Ya know, like last week I was like, "I miss Consider Yourselves Kitties, I'm gunna reread the whole thing." And then you fucking rewrite the whole thing bless your soul. 3 I love you and your favorite anime choices.
9/3/2014 c3 3morninglilac
9/2/2014 c3 2SaiyaCat
Sasuke Uchiha/ Itachi Uchiha/ and Tsunade. I love their names so funny.
9/2/2014 c3 animeninjafan
Ah, the memories! :D I laughed a lot harder than I did the first time reading this chapter! XD I still can't get over Loofa and Shiny! XD of this was how the old humor was, I wonder how the new ones are going to be! X3 I can't wait for college honestly! :3 I just want to finish high school already! I think you already know my favorite Naruto character, but if you don't, it's Itachi Uchiha! My other favorites are Nagato and Obito Uchiha! :3 we love you too Dani and keep up the amazing work! :3
9/2/2014 c3 Guest
Top three naruto characters? Hmmm... Itachi, Kakashi and Shikamaru. Because Itachi is a sweetheart, kakashi is badass and Shikamaru is awesome. XD
9/2/2014 c3 15KyraReid
We love you! Itachi, Kisame and Gaara are my top three. I was going to go back to school this fall but I took a semester off for work and now they won't let me back in until I finish paying them back. Thankfully I finish this month. But can't go back until spring. I work a minimum wage job too. 55 hours a week. But once I get my degree I'm going to apply for a management position at the mall I work at and begin to take it over.
9/2/2014 c3 S1L3NTK1LL3RJAY
Top three favorite characters...
1. Gaara
1 1/2. Itachi
2. Obito/Tobi
3. Haku
Actually, I don't really know. I can't chose, I love all the characters. Even Orochimaru has a special place in my heart and it isn't a bad place at all. You have to admit, old Orochi is damn smart. The little shit still isn't dead.
9/2/2014 c3 Guest
You should write more of this :D
9/2/2014 c3 58Drindrak
I didn't know you had decided to rewrite this! I hope that it'll be better than the original. I don't think I've reviewed your stories before, but I have a horrible memory.
Ah well. To answer the question, my three are Kakuzu (I will adore that miser forever), Madara Uchiha (not Tobi or Obito), and Orochimaru (the snakes, they're just soooooo awesome plus his creepy ass tongue and mad skill). But all around Kakuzu is my favourite-est.
Now to settle down and wait for the next instalment!
9/2/2014 c3 9Frostfire613
1. Itachi
2. Naruto
3. Gaara


4. Sasuke/Neji

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