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9/1/2014 c1 3Thyme the Firebrand
Oh gosh, I haven't been on FF in such a long time! I barely even remember what my penname was the first time I started reading your stories (I think it was something like Nekoru-chan, I don't know), but apparently I was last known as Grimdark Fool. I don't normally pay attention to the emails FF sends me, but when I noticed what the latest one was, I had to check, and I am so happy! I haven't been keeping up on Naruto for months now, but your stuff was always my favorite, and I remember re-reading them whenever I had forgotten enough to enjoy them again, so I am so happy that you're rewriting this! I'm sure it'll be even better than the original!
9/1/2014 c3 2Arcami
I read your original trilogy and seeing you rewrite it made me very happy. I can't wait to see what you have planned for the rewrite if you are changing anything that might be different from the original.
Anyway my top three NArutocharcters would be Hidan, Shikamaru, and Kisame.
9/1/2014 c3 2GlitchInTheSky
Great chapter as always, and the naming ceremony was awesome. The names will and always be funny. Top three, huh? Difficult...
You know my first: Madara Uchiha of the deceivingly spiky hair. My second would have to be a tie between Indra and Itachi. Lack of information on Indra's part. Itachi, I've realized, is not my type. The type that you realize you get after watching five billion anime. And my third is going to have to be...Minato. Ah, he's too cute to pass up. Yup, keep up the great writing!
9/1/2014 c1 Guest
I'm just curious, but why has the rating changed from T (in the original CYK) to M (in this version)?
9/1/2014 c3 Fanfictionlover124
My favorite 3 are: Itachi for his sad life story.

Naruto got to love the main character.

And finally...

Kakashi-sensei for the story and gravity defying hair of his.
9/1/2014 c3 SoulinShadows
Yay updates! A great chapter to you, dearest Dani. And if I had to pick three it'd be Sasuke, Deidara, and Sasori. I love those adorable psycho criminals, little cutie pies.
9/1/2014 c3 18ShadowStained
Why couldn't this be longer.
This was supposed to distract me as i panic over my AP World History summer homework i need done before Wednesday, aka doomsday, aka first day back to school where i have to hand this all in and demand guidance take me from lunch and study hall because i want to make use of my day with free knowledge.
But yes, i noticed the differences. And i love the kitty naming scene, you make it extremely funny yet its not stupid like most other kitty naming scenes.
Can't wait until the next update! :D
9/1/2014 c2 blaleblelelel
Loved the chapter!
I can really see the character Alice is. When I first read the first three chapters of the original story I had thought that Alice was going to be like Itachi, and I had thought that her random moments was just random moments to make the story interesting. Really love how this story is turning out, looking forward to the next chapter! :)
9/1/2014 c1 blaleblelelel
Loved the first chapter!
I am loving how the first chapter went, especially the yaoi-ness innuendos! :D

I've read your original story a long time ago and I was rereading it today when I noticed this. I think while I wait for updates for this I'll continue to read the original, just to see how much has changed. :D
9/1/2014 c2 Guest
Does this mean that the guys (and Konan) will be more in character, there'll less mushy stuff and less use of the word sexy overall? And will you be doing the sequels too?
8/31/2014 c2 Guest
DUDE. You're back. I love you. I missed you. Come here so I can love you.

And as for the QoTC...AoT/SnK FTW. Nothing beats Levi. Sexy, badass Levi. Say shit to him and he'll...mop the floor with you (BADUM TSSH). ...That was terrible. I apologize. But still! I love Levi and you equally! And that, miss Danizaraki, is saying quite a lot.
8/30/2014 c1 Grammar Nazi
At first I thought "Chaos" was capitalized on accident in the first CYK, but it's capitalized on here, too... Is that symbolic or something? A subtle literary device, maybe? Author-san, are you planning something...?
8/30/2014 c1 Ponderer
Just wondering, but how fast can you read? As in words per minute? Because holy shit, 17 books in a week... you must either have superpowers or you just have a lot, and I mean a LOOOT of free time. Right now I'm leaning more towards the former. Hell, I consider myself a fast reader at 315 words per minute (read silently at least) last I checked, but you are like the frig-a-liggin' reading guru. TAKE ME ON AS YOUR APPRENTICE, SENPAI!
8/28/2014 c2 21GEMfaerie
This has been making my day. :)

Good luck with the new college year!
8/28/2014 c2 animeninjafan
Ah, the nostalgic feels! It hit me hard! XD I really enjoyed this chapter a lot! Plus, I'm so tempted to reread the first chapter again, just to see what has changed! :3 When I graduate from high school, I'm gonna go to OSU! I hope you're enjoying your Junior year in college! My favorite anime is still Naruto! XD I just really enjoyed the Akatsuki a lot, especially Itachi! He's my favorite! :3 keep up the great work Dani and don't stop being you! :3
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