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for Who He Wants To Be

2/27/2021 c68 1lykiana
really really loving this story and I will give it a follow just in case you will pick it up again. I hope you are alright!
2/26/2021 c49 lykiana
Just rip my heart out, won't you? I feel like one of those automatic crying machines too, right now.
Poor Ianto!
2/25/2021 c17 lykiana
Noooooooo! Damn you Owen!
2/25/2021 c15 lykiana
not liking Ianto very much right now. Poor Jack
6/11/2020 c68 97jekyllhj7
I went into this story knowing it wasn't finished. I fell so deeply into it, but was afraid it would end before Ianto knew about Jack and that was resolved.
Yes, it's a cliffhanger and yes I would love to see it finished, but Ianto is at TW 3, and the guys are together. I can live with that.
Thank you so much for spending so much time and effort on this amazing story and choosing to share it with us all.
9/25/2019 c68 2Brose1001
I hope everything is going ok for you!
It has been a bit over 2 years since this story was updated; do you have any plans of updating it? It was left in a bit of a cliffie, sobs
4/27/2019 c68 Guest
I love this fic so much and i just keep coming back to it just to see if it has been updated and it has! It's sad that jack has to hurt and kill himself to get rid of those thoughts and it's kinda sad that he knows that that will work. Makes you wonder how many times he's had to do it.
2/3/2019 c68 7workingsomecoffeemagic
I just re-read this entire fic, and it is still so extraordinary! The writing is brilliant and the plot so gripping! I hope you're well, my dear, and that we'll have the possibility to read more of this in the future! Take care!
10/1/2017 c68 breannarose1LJ
glad this is continuing.
I hate this Mikado already and really hope that his influence can be halted.
Looking forward to next chapter!
9/18/2017 c68 5Smallbell
This fic is wonderful! Fantastic characters, new and old. You writing style is brilliant. I read the whole fic in three days. I couldn't put it down. The way you write Ianto's fears and anxieties is so detailed and rings true. The chapters where Ianto was morning James I was crying. You truly have a great talent. Thank you for writing and sharing.
8/23/2017 c68 10BarbT
What a place to stop! I understand though, and I hope you are able to continue this someday.
7/7/2017 c68 Chinablues
Holy sheets! Wicked good cliffy, and I'll bet all your fans take a gasp. I'll be checking, frequently, for your updates. And, thank you, for a riveting storyline about my favorite couple.
6/21/2017 c68 bechandler
Hi gracefultree, I don't know if you are still listed to see reviews but I thought I'd post anyway. I've just finished reading your story and think it's brilliant. I love the characterisations and plot, but have only just realised your story is unfinished. I read that you had been suffering from serious depression and wanted to express empathy. I was a professional journalist for many years but eventually had to give up my job because of anxiety and depression. That was 10 years ago and I still suffer through on a daily basis. But I do manage to live a good life, fulfilling in its own way. I believe writers and others of a creative bent are more prone to suffer from such things and I hope that you are ok these days. If not I hope you are able to access help and have support. Did you ever work out an ending for this story? Could you send me a few pars to let me know how Jack and Ianto end up in this wonderful alternate universe? I live in hope that you are able to let me know. Thanks again for the massive effort in writing this story. It was wonderfully written and had me gripped! Yours faithfully, B Chandler.
5/15/2017 c68 2RemaSofiRuin
I'm so glad you are doing better and back to writing again! I love this story and, as always, can't wait to read more.
5/15/2017 c68 Guest
Wow I'd forgotten how great this is.
Lovely to see it back.

Really looking forward to this cliff hanger, it's a bit scary..
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