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for Harry Potter and his Veela Mate

6/8 c19 renowned-warrior
I was skeptical of this story. Maybe especially because there are already quite a few veela stories out there.
But I was clearly wrong, because in my opinion this is hands down one of the best stories you have written and goes straight into my favorites list.

P. S. Still loves the Lucius character
6/7 c3 renowned-warrior
Omg this is probably the funniest chapter that I have read on a long time.
Although I sort of did see it coming. It was either him, Ron or Crouch Jr. But the whole Lucius part was brilliant and I loved it.
6/5 c19 19stargatesg1fan1
This was a really good story. I enjoyed it a lot. It was so easy to read without having to put it down because of boredom. I really loved the focus on Harry/Hermione. Thanks for writing and sharing.
5/21 c7 Kat
Some have said that the author of this story has been a bit cruel to Draco and Ron. J.K. Rowling herself on her website has stated that the reason she never developed Ron out of the jealous, attention seeker he shows himself to be was she had originally intended to kill him off. So, the Ron in this is true in many ways to Canon. As for Draco, if you all remember he didn't actually begin to grow up until his father was sent to Azkaban and he was charged with killing Dumbledore or else watch his mother die. That doesn't happen till the end of book five and into book six. So Draco's portrayal here in year four is also still much like Canon.
5/5 c19 FFFudgeUp
Great story. Hermione as a Veela is a new idea to me. you wrote it well. Thanks for sharing.
3/22 c18 Guest
I never liked Ron. Truth be told Harry had his moments of stupidity, the department of mysteries being the biggest, but Harry did grow up and out of his anger. Ron never did. I NEVER liked the epilogue of Ron and Hermione being paired. Even if Ron hadn't been a childish idiot, he was looking for a woman who'd be just like his mother. Hermione was always too ambitious to be that kind of woman. It was a match that never made sense.
3/10 c19 A German guest
On the face of it, an amusing story - if one does not think too much about Ron or Draco. Like them or not, but you've been rather cruel to them. While one could say that Draco just has rotten bad luck, although quite a lot of it, this Ron is a lamentable being who would definitely need psychiatric help - and does not get any. Not funny at all.
3/10 c19 FriendlyFire59
This was a fun and cheerful, with a few exceptions, story.
Thanks for having posted.
3/10 c16 FriendlyFire59
I'm thinking the caged gorilla from 'Trading Places' [Billy Ray: Oh yeah, I forgot about that guy, where is he?]
2/26 c19 E.Elliot
I love it!
2/16 c3 Guest
I like this Lucius Malfoy.
2/17 c19 fitzphieshipper123
This is officially my favorite fanfiction. It was written nicely and I just really love this. It's amazing!
2/17 c16 fitzphieshipper123
I'm really liking the way you wrote Lucius. (I dunno if that makes sense).
2/17 c14 fitzphieshipper123
I can't wait for the twins to be born. This fanfiction took an exciting turn. I can't tell you how much I love it because there aren't any words. Keep up the good work (er...writing).
2/16 c19 19Sorceress of Magic
Very interesting story, I liked it! I’m glad draco and Ron got what was coming to them
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