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4/18/2016 c10 Guest
I'm internally screaming right now noooo, this fic was so very interesting and it was just getting to the good part too! I love the plot and your writing is amazing! I really was hoping to see a complete work...
3/30/2016 c10 5cadytheneko
Why stop writing just because of what others say? Who cares what people say or do, you write great and this is a great story. Keep going, I really like this story.
12/9/2015 c10 Lithyem
ou, it's a pity your not continuing this story, but I understand your reasons, and actually agree with them. But just that you know, there are still plenty of people, who love you, your writing and story, so if you ever feel that you maybe would continue, remember, that we are here, waiting for you to come and help you with any annoying comments on great story! thank you for all your hrad work
11/29/2015 c10 guest
I know with a series like this it is a huge elephant in the room for Sebastian a demon who's age we don't know with the young master who is 12-13. I see it but I like to say this. To stop writing you prevent the enjoyment of this wacky couple to those who look beyond their age. If the "Malec" ship can be accepted (though the age gap is similar to our Sebastian /Ciel ship). So please keep writing as I love your story and dont let idiots who judge based on age
7/16/2015 c10 Caillet
I really sad that the story will not be continued... It was a really great story with a wonderful development...
7/9/2015 c10 offwiththeirhead
6/28/2015 c10 Guest
Nooooooooooo! Don't just stop the story because everyone is hating on SebaCiel! That may not be my otp, but I still thought this story was awesome. Please continue this story!
6/10/2015 c10 Guest
Well I'm sad UoU Can't believe people waste time ranting about that stupid thing
6/9/2015 c10 Guest
Aw, it's sad that you have stopped writing this fic! On the other hand, I, as an hetalia fan, would love to read your hetalia fanfic! Personally I'm ok with all shippings in the fandom, but my favorite is ameripan! So kawaii!
6/9/2015 c10 DragonSlavee
aw well thats sad..seems like is so difficult to some ppl get over themself, if they dont like it nor go the way they want theres a magic buttom they can click and stop reading nobody is forcing them or pointing a gun to keep reading just let the people who do enjoy and not spoil the fun for the writter and readers. But what we can do right? Im pretty sure your new work will be as good as always
6/8/2015 c10 DeadlyMidnightshade
I'm sorry you feel that way, and yeah, the fandom and ship is problematic. People can be really immature and jerks, especially on this site. I know blocking out the hate isn't easy and is a bitch to deal with. In any case, I hope you get your muse back soon, your fans will be waiting for you. I can't wait to read your Hetalia stories. :)
6/7/2015 c10 1777angeloflove
*pout* I'm sorry that the * SebaCiel ship war* has driven you away from the story/fandom...this story was pretty interesting...I really liked it...I hope you come back to it someday...(YAY~! I LOVE HETALIA~! *GERITA* FOREVER~!)
6/7/2015 c10 34NightcoreAddictXx
I understand how you feel with all the haters. Really, it does suck. I mean, with how I view it nowadays, the story that describes the time era and their relationship more accurately and perfectly is the one that more people go to. I mean, this is just my perspective, so yeah. I get comments all the time on how Ciel is OOC and Sebastian is OOC and stuff, so the readers who read Kuro fanfics are a LOT more picky. It's just...terrible. :/

Well, good luck with your Hetalia fics! I hope those turn out well. :3
6/7/2015 c10 promocat
I am so sorry for you(& me for no more story)
6/7/2015 c10 4Wolferix
Granted, I am sad with the way this ended, but I understand. I was excited to see how this would turn out but I can let my imagination finish it. I am also angry and disappointed with the anti-sebaciel people as well. I thought that the fandoms were a place to escape from the hatred and prejudice of the world, but some people have to ruin that, don't they?
However, I did enjoy this story, thank you for posting.
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