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2/20/2015 c9 1StarElsie
I wonder what will happen after they make the contract
2/20/2015 c9 nelle13
Shit is about to go down
2/20/2015 c1 bunny10944
I love your sense of humor.
2/20/2015 c9 guest
i imagine that the contract symbol is going to still be in ciel's eye. if it is how's going to explaine that to his parents when he goes back into the court room after the recess? only thing i can think of is that sebastian does some demon shiz and gets them out of there.

2/10/2015 c6 k1096
Okay hold the fuck up . So the only way to fix this was to kill little sweet Ciel ? THE ONLY option . I see that Hannah is picking favorites .
And yes Claude that bitch .

This is escalating too fast for me .
2/8/2015 c5 k1096
Awww , Little bocchan 's heart is gonna get broken ... I 'm actually feeling something here .
2/8/2015 c4 k1096
Yes bath scenes , baths scenes are essential and are always appreciated .

... It 's so adorable how Ciel tries to act all mature (I mean he is but that fact is that ) even though he 's still a kid ... Just makes me laugh . Like with the 'game ', how serious he is , it really is amusing , I don 't blame you Sebastian .

I actuelly expected Sebastian to do some demon mind erasing thing , but I guess not .
Aw yay and darn , Claude and Alois , shit always goes down with these two . Especially Claude , that piece of shit .
2/8/2015 c3 k1096
Wow actaully thinking about it now , ass doesn 't fit in ...
2/8/2015 c2 k1096
Wow spanking , that 's kinky , but kinky is the definition of SebaCiel . I 'm not complaining :P
2/8/2015 c1 k1096
Oh shit Kuro fandom as well , this is gonna be one HELL of a fanfic .
I thought the first chapter was good . You can 't really expect much from a first chap- I lied you expect everything from a first chapter . It did it 's job though , so you 're good :P
1/3/2015 c8 Killua17
happy days ended so soon!
12/31/2014 c8 Guest
This was really interesting : ) you should update soon.
12/26/2014 c8 xbornxofxflamesx
Is it wrong that I'm praying for the moment Sebastian and Ciel make a contract so Ciel can push away his mother and ordered Sebastian to harm Mey Rin? I'd also like to see Hannah get mussed up as well. Tehe
12/24/2014 c8 Winter and Spring
I think Grell has a lawyer would make since because he has to tell how Ciel's parents died if your putting that in the story line.
12/23/2014 c8 promocat
for once mey-rin beat sebastian!but sebby will have his due
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