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10/17/2014 c6 1StarElsie
I hope Hannah would find out about what Claude does to Alois
10/17/2014 c6 Ilovecandy100
I can't stand claude he annoys the hell out of me
10/17/2014 c6 DeadlyMidnightshade
0_0 Update, please
10/17/2014 c6 nelle13
Just business (_)
I love your author notes at the end
10/11/2014 c5 Musicological Journey
Thanks for the update! I have been trying to read this chapter since you put it up but life kept getting in the way! I can't wait for the next chapter!
10/5/2014 c5 Guest
More! Please :)
10/4/2014 c5 Guest
Poor Ciel :c
10/4/2014 c5 5Professional assassin
Oh I LOVE THIS STORY! THIS IS BY FAR ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE BLACK BUTLER FANFICTION THERE IS AND WILL EVER BE! I am not officially making you my #1author for kuroshitsuji fanfiction! I rarely give people more credit than they deserve, so that shows how much I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing! I also like how you made Alois too, it is much better than how he is in the anime. It gives a real life like aspect with a twist! Oh I am so very excited to read the next chapters to come too!
10/4/2014 c5 1AnetteRuby
imagine the reactions if Ciel would be involved in a car accident after running from school...
10/4/2014 c5 DeadlyMidnightshade
Beautiful, as always
10/3/2014 c5 promocat
alois's mindset can be hard for a normal sane person to get into!but you did a very good job!
10/3/2014 c5 1StarElsie
I hope Sebastian actually cared for Ciel
10/3/2014 c5 Ilovecandy100
You don't suck writing alois i think you did his character perfectly :)
10/3/2014 c5 nelle13
Well...that was interesting (_)
10/3/2014 c5 1Hanger rack
Omk i loved this chapter okie fufufufu but one thing I would suggest though, is that when Ciel asks about Sebastiam being a demon, he says no. He'd like to keep the soul as pure and natural, even though already a bit tainted I think.
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