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for Kagura's Dream

9/29/2015 c1 2HikaruBaskerville-0
Probably the first Kensuke x Kagura I've ever read, and probably the only other Ga-rei fic I've seen that takes from the manga. That in itself makes me like it. :3 And to add to that, I love how you pulled it all together. Your work with grammar in certain areas could be a little better, though...

The characters are in character, the execution's just right, the romance factor is appropriately light-hearted and goes with the established canon. I look at this, and I see an extra chapter of the Jugondou arc that Segawa-sensei might have conceived, albeit possibly with a slightly different ending, not regarding Izuna's cockblockage.(That'd stick either way xD)

Kept short, I like it. Nicely done.

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