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for Redemption, or Something Like It

1/16/2004 c11 4CharmingStar
really really really excellent please continue quickly, it is a really good story and i cant wait for more
xx Alex x
9/27/2003 c11 marie
plese update plese
9/27/2003 c11 marie
plese update plese
9/12/2003 c11 42Aussie-mel
love this fic can't wait for more your a great writter. cya Aussie Mel
8/8/2003 c4 18starrysunrise
WHOA HO HO! now THAT'S what I call unexpected, must keep reading now ta-ta
8/6/2003 c11 madnekros
8/6/2003 c10 madnekros
i bow to your greatness
7/31/2003 c11 4glorywillow143
*claps happily* YAY! I like it so far! just one question... MORE?

7/25/2003 c11 RainySunshine
Wonderful story. Perhaps some more Willow/Remus? I love the flashbacks too, though. Oz was so great. Is he really completely dead in this? *sniff sniff*
7/13/2003 c11 7Seoid
I'm really liking this fic! I think it helps that I accidentally read the flashback parts first. And, yay! You got Oz's real name! I hate it when authors make something up.

I like your pairing (even if its not my favorite! Still good.) And your new-shooting scene was very touchy.

Just one question- Hogwarts is in Scotland now?
7/11/2003 c11 christy
please go back to the other chapters to read my other reviews. I really hope you are done with the flash backs the were ok just not really a

7/11/2003 c9 christy
this flashback was ok needed to be shorter hope this fic moves better after the flashbacks are gone
7/11/2003 c7 christy
ok story started out good now it isnt so good too many flash backs and POV's some are fine as long as the are short. does it get better sorry to be so mean
7/11/2003 c5 christy
i skipped this chapter to review your snape charater is not him self...he needed to work up to his niceness he is cranky pants no oh she is in pain let's fix it with out wands and such not snape at all i wish i could of reviewed earlier in the writing of this story still good just watcg that you dont take too many of your actors out of context.

7/11/2003 c4 christy
hi it's me again nice solid story lines i like it

please tell me it get's better
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