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for Avatar the last airbender- after the war

9/1/2020 c9 1HM1324
Loved it. Keep on going please
9/1/2020 c2 HM1324
Loving it so far probably gonna binge it lol
7/7/2020 c9 Guest
Pls make more there actually really good and ur a really good writer
Can u do like one of those time gaps like
Idk its a suggestion
1/6/2018 c1 Guest
3/24/2017 c9 Guest
It was good but one thing I don't like is in every story everyone cries
3/21/2017 c9 Ashlynn
I love how you write your stories PLZ WRITE MORE
1/9/2017 c9 KatAang 4ever
It's been two years. please continue
9/8/2015 c1 Guest
why is this chapter titled Bumi?
7/15/2015 c9 koolkat072
That was great! Please,, you really need to continue the story cause its really good
10/20/2014 c3 ciera.smith.165
make mai die in a pit of FIRE!11!1!
10/20/2014 c9 20fanatla
Good chapter, I really enjoyed it. Keep writing. :)
10/19/2014 c9 thekataangfan
You're on your way. The grammar was much better. I do have to say that the word "thankyou" is actually a phrase: "thank you" and also that all variations of the word "I" start with capital 'I's each time they are spelled. Other than that. It's a decent story, and the emotional connections with the characters are there. Good job.
10/19/2014 c9 8lupita leal
¬°Guau!,..¬°MUCHO!,... MUCHO,.. ME GUSTA
9/27/2014 c8 thekataangfan
This is a good story plot wise. If I had to suggest any way that you could improve it would be that you add apostrophes to contractions as well as to show possession. I hope you continue to work on this story. You did a good job.
9/11/2014 c7 20fanatla
The general idea of your story it's good. I've enjoyed it so far until now. The "buts": you need to do a better job with grammar and spelling, so the narrative ritm is not the same with all the recents POVs you have been posting. I really hope you write another chapter. Good luck.
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