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1/26 c22 jb
i still think that james is not the father of the baby i think albus is
that is wy lilly is so puchy
1/19 c1 siriuslyprongsmylove1
this comment is just to say that both snape author are a very big bully.. Make sure your kids doesn't become like dudley.. no actually dudley was better than snape. a big bully who bullied everyone in the name of keeping appearance. may be we should treat these people kids the same way and tell them that we were just keeping appearance then we will see if they will ok with it..
8/13/2020 c3 zainecooking
Not silver because Mooney
7/14/2020 c35 wandamarie
thank you for the story and the chapters
7/14/2020 c34 wandamarie
sweet chapter
7/14/2020 c33 wandamarie
7/14/2020 c32 wandamarie
7/14/2020 c31 wandamarie
oh my thanks
7/14/2020 c30 wandamarie
7/14/2020 c29 wandamarie
holly bull all is hitting the fan
7/14/2020 c28 wandamarie
wow getting good on to the next chapter
7/13/2020 c27 wandamarie
7/13/2020 c26 wandamarie
7/13/2020 c25 wandamarie
7/13/2020 c24 wandamarie
oh my
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