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for Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles )

8/15 c1 no
stop this please.
8/15 c1 CSPTolkien
Please don't let your children suffer the same fate as you. Allow them to be open minded, and intelligent.
8/14 c14 Naught
An interesting take on Harry Potter, if a slightly inaccurate one.

Although I applaud you for attempting to write such a story, I do think some tidbits could be misconstrued.

Should you ever attempt another story, and I strongly suggest that you do, I would like to cautiously recommend that you attempt to read it 'blind' before posting- that is, read it as if you weren't the author and didn't know what to expect.

As a Christian, I do find a lack of proper reading material.

All in all, while the underlying idea is fantastic, the realism, references to Reddit as if it were some Satanic website cooked up from a batch of roadkill, complete personality re-writes of the characters (especially in the case of Hermione), and rather bizarrely specific and frequent descriptions of chest hair makes this a slightly lackluster experience.

4 and a half out of 10.

I hope this encourages you to try writing again, and to try even better.

God bless.
8/12 c14 Charlotte
If writing this story is making you happy then your husband has no right to stop you from writing it. If he wants to stop you from doing something that makes you happy he is not being a good husband and he clearly doesn't know best. Not all atheists are drug addicts most are good people who just don't believe in God.
8/12 c13 Charlotte
Wives shouldn't be submissive they should be EQUAL to their husbands. Also why do you keep mentioning chest hair? Its so weird!
8/12 c12 Charlotte
Dean Thomas not mispronouncing "That's right," at eleven years old is not impressive or even out of the ordinary. Why do you keep mentioning mommy? At eleven children usually call their mothers mum.
8/12 c11 Charlotte
How do you know praying the Mary is wrong? How can you other people that their religion is wrong when the villain in this 'story' is doing just that. What you hate about other people is often what you hate about yourself. Feminism is about making sure men and women are treated equally whether they choose to work or not. If you one day choose to have a career as well as be a mother feminism will support you, if you carry on with your life as you are feminism will support you except your letting your husband dictate your actions. Being equal to your husband means you don't dictate what he does and he doesn't dictate what you do. Do what makes you happy not what your husband allows. I don't want to be misunderstood as thinking your husband is cruel, I don't think that at all. I just think if you want to do something you shouldn't let your husband tell you no.

P.S. I am very curious about what this pray-off is going to be.
8/12 c10 Charlotte
Wifely submission is very demeaning. Women have fought for the rights we have today don't waste it! They fought so you and I could live life the way we want to, if you want to be a housewife that is completely fine I don't have anything against women choosing that life but PLEASE don't let your husband dictate what you do because it is your life not his. Your writing has improved; well done. Isn't it funny the Christians in this story fear being prosecuted for being a Christian but did nothing when it happened to other religions.
8/12 c1 Guest
Great troll if this was a troll~
Find help
8/12 c9 Charlotte
Your Husband doesn't dictate what you can and can't do and if he thinks you wont have enough time to do the things you used to before signing up for a beginners writing course why doesn't he do it himself? Hermione wasn't this girly and her hair wasn't curly it was bushy, she wasn't depicted as pretty BUT she was depicted as very intelligent.
8/12 c8 Charlotte
You are being called a misogynist because you think all women should care about their looks and be housewives, you are saying our skills are only good for being a housewife. I cant cook for shit, I've never used a hoover properly in my entire life and I'm a career woman who doesn't spend time worrying about her looks if you think that is wrong then you are misogynist. Why does every 'good' character in this 'story' have to be good looking? This 'story' is teaching many terrible lessons and has only taught one good lesson so far that was Harry being friends with Ron even though they believe different things.
8/12 c7 Charlotte
Professor Snape was a Slytherin and Professor Sprout was a woman. Also why can we see their chest hair? Do all the men at your church walk around shirtless?
8/12 c6 Charlotte
You've got the houses mixed up Slytherin's were the cunning if not unpleasant ones, Gryffindor's were brave ones, Hufflepuff's were loyal and good finders and Ravenclaw's were intelligent and creative. The way you've changed them to make Harry Potter religious doesn't make any sense.
8/12 c5 Charlotte
Ron wasn't a Slytherin he was a Gryffindor and what Dumbledore said in this chapter is mostly okay.
8/12 c4 Charlotte
There is nothing wrong with not wearing make up and not being girly. God loves everyone he will love someone who doesn't waste time on looking 'pretty' just as much as he will love someone who doesn't. A woman is more than just a man's future wife, she can be intimate with who ever she chooses. If she saves herself for the person (man or woman) she marries that is just as fine as being intimate with someone she doesn't want to marry or doesn't even know. "And I don't like Lions!" I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this, so far you have made Hermione weak and unintelligent which is the opposite of the real hermione
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