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for Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles )

44m c14 peaceonearth347
Oh. My. GOD. That was incredible. The author really had me going there. I genuinely thought that this woman was being serious. It nearly had me. If you’re reading this review, make sure you read the story all the way to the end, because this story isn’t what you think it is. That was one of the most subtle satires of christianity I’ve ever read. Good lord, that was beautiful. Thank you for writing this.
5h c14 honokacolor
i can't believe i actually wasted time on this,
anyway this has got to be a joke, because it's just stupid.

i'm convinced that this is actually a troll fic bc of voldemort.
11h c14 TheOneJewishGirl
Let me explain something to you now. Woman can have careers, they can have a job and make money, and raise a family as well. I am one of four children, both my parents work, we go to a Jewish school and then are with a babysitter. And. We. Are. Just. Fine. Unlike your children, who will be growing up with an outdated mindset and sexist beliefs. And by the way, that was so unbelievably inaccurate, you don’t seem like you’ve read the books.
11h c8 TheUnsaved
What is misogynistic is you saying that woman shouldn’t have a career and that looks are the most important. If I may reference the first chapter, Vernon is baking brownies, which is completely acceptable by normal standards, but apparently not here. Woman should have the same opportunities as men, and men should be able to o do things that even are traditionally woman’s jobs
11h c7 Guest
Professor Snape, he is head of Slytherin, Minerva Mcgonagal is head of Gryffindor. Filius Flitwick is head of Ravenclaw and Pomona Sprout is head of Hufflepuff.
11h c6 TheUnsaved
Draco is a Slytherin, that’s not how the sorting works, Luna is ravenclaw but at least you got Draco vile enough
11h c5 StillUnsaved
Ron. Is. A. Griffindor. There. Are. 5. Boys. Per. Room. House. Elves. Make. Food. This. Is. Worse. Than. My. Immortal. Have you even read the original?
11h c3 TheUnsaved
Again,please keep with the pairings and plot. And for the record, I’ve read plenty of book about Christianity, and I have yet to be a Christian. I’ve read Harry Potter and I have yet to turn to the devil
11h c2 LionessQOP
If you are going to rewrite this, then please, please keep the plot and pairings. Dumbledore is not married and Minerva is a widow.
13h c13 Rosalina Fire
Do I have this right?

Dressing casually little body hair evil man
13h c11 Rosalina Fire
I. am. shook. This is the funniest shit I have read in a long time!
1/19 c6 l
1/19 c7 khkb
one wince after the next read the books oh wait they encourage witchcraft
1/19 c6 ghbjb
luna is ravenclaw weasleys are gryffindor and darco is slitherin
1/19 c5 fdds
the hat sorts. the house are sorted into/
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