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for Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles )

12/1 c14 Cheney
11/27 c14 stillcantspel
you little genius. yes.
11/10 c11 BeepBoop
I hate your blatant misogyny (yes, women can be misogynistic), and your hate for Catholicism. Doesn’t Christianity or whatever say to love your neighbour? So that includes Catholics and atheists and people of other religions. The need from you husband for permission is disturbing as well. That’s misogynistic as well.
11/8 c11 princessacorn79
I love this keep on writing.
10/31 c1 Guest
i absolutely hate you for this
10/31 c1 god
this is an abomination, just horrible. whoever created this needs to go to a mental hospital.
10/17 c5 Guest
This is soooooo chritin weell done!
10/17 c3 1ThreateningMedicine
I love this satirical story hahaha :D
Sad that the reviews people give here are rotten
10/17 c2 ThreateningMedicine
AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHA, Dumbledore X Minerva? Oh god, the pairing, I can't stop laughing~!
10/13 c1 Gina Barron
Hey there, sugar bear ;)

I can tell by your lovely stories that you are a pedophile. I am a pedophile too and I would love for us to meet in person sometime.

I live at 126 Ambrosia Lane, Heath, Texas 75032 and my e-mail is ginagbg at sbcglobal dot net.

I can't wait to hear from you! ;D
10/5 c1 gaycuntsrus
on the one hand this is really really bad but on the other hand jk rowling sucks so i'm conflicted
9/29 c1 CHILD PORN
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9/28 c6 Ron
Sorry for being such a little pussy bitch boy guys
9/27 c5 GayMf
This story fucking sucks ass bitch kys mf
9/25 c14 some guy
I hope ur husband lets u take writing classes again :(
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