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for Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles )

12/6 c1 Guest
what the shitting fuck
12/5 c14 mio
are you a troll?
12/4 c14 NoFocus
To all reviewers losing their shit right now.


A pretty funny one at that.
12/4 c14 Guest
what can I say about this... on one hand this was an absolutely hilarious read, just absolutely ridiculous and legendary. But I was also quite horrified by the authors notes, and I kept wondering to myself "Surely this is a joke-fic? You cannot be serious? But what if you are...?"

But then I read the last chapter, and it all made sense. Are the words spoken by Voldemort actually your true self speaking? Because it felt like a very real reassurance that this truly is, a joke, and that's the message.

Anyways if this isn't a joke...

May Hatsune Miku have mercy on your soul
12/2 c14 Guest
you ruined Hermione and I won't forgive you
12/2 c3 Guest
eleven year olds love watching sex and the city, yes
12/2 c10 Guest
How come Gryffindor hat, Slytherin hat, Hufflepuff hat, and Ravenclaw hat have hat after them? What is wrong with just calling them Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw? Just curious.
12/1 c1 Guest
you know your kids will just go out and find their own copy of harry potter once their old enough to get out of your cult
12/1 c1 Guest
What is wrong with you? If a child reads something with witchcraft doesn't mean that they will start believing in it trying witchcraft. Me and many others read this book and did not start believing or trying witchcraft and we did not believe in God any less. I think you should let your kids read the original Harry Potter since it is a nice story and they should be okay to read it as long as they are over the age of 11.
12/1 c2 Guest
I really want this to be made into a Potter Puppet Pals sketch. Really.
12/1 c2 Guest
Lol to the guest that said someone wouldnt put this much effort into a troll fic: I do wholeheartedly believe some people pour their souls into ironic fiction sometimes
12/1 c1 sophiedoph
100% chef's kiss
11/30 c1 Guest
Your beautiful writing was almost too much for my tiny catholic brain to take in!
11/30 c7 Guest
I actually don't think this is a troll fic based on the effort put into grammar and accurate Biblical allegories. I don't think someone would put *this* much effort into a joke, I really don't.
11/30 c1 3Wendyza
The funniest thing about this is the comments from butthurt people who wouldn't recognize a troll-fic if it turned them into a ferret and made them bounce against walls.
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