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for Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles )

4/22 c7 Sadie
Hi! I really like that you want to keep your children safe from things like witchcraft and such. I am a Christian, raised in a atheist family. I have a friend whose family gives me rides to church when they can make it. I did want to say that Harry Potter isn't bad to read the original way. It didn't make me or anyone I know want to convert to Wicca or any other witchcraft-using religions, but it did teach us a lot about valuing people as they are and loving people and learning to make our own decisions and not just believe everything anyone tells us. I think someday it may be good to let your children read the original version. Good writing, though, and keep going!
4/21 c13 TheDifference
I like how the story's all like:
(*0 *) (*0*) (ノヮ)ノ*:・゚

But the comment section is all like:
( _ ) (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡 ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
4/21 c14 theDifference
like how the story's all like:
(0)(0) (ノヮ)ノ*:・゚

But the comment section is all like:
(_) (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡 ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
4/19 c13 86Chibi Horsewoman
I knew I was doing the marriage thing wrong. I'm allowed to work outside of the home so that we can actually afford to pay bills and have food! Shame on me
4/19 c14 8iAmCC
re-reading this as a troll fic is the goddamned funniest thing
4/18 c14 Guest
This was brilliant.

Please read the last chapter before writing your hate comments. Save yourself from that embarrasment.
4/17 c1 bradley
I'm an atheist. I don't do drugs and I'm not trying to turn Christianity illegal. Women are NOT underneath men, and I find it sad that you have to stop writing because your husband said so. I'd be more sad, actually, if this story wasn't full of schist (Percy Jackson reference). I've read Harry Potter, and I'm disgusted with what you did to a part of my life. Harry Potter is an amazing book series, that, if you pay close attention while reading, teaches valuable lessons about love and friendship. I'm a proud Potterhead (Slytherin), and honestly this made me angry for so many reasons. PLEASE, don't generalize atheists; I'm not a bad person if I'm not Christian! Adolf Hitler was Christian, and he had thousands of innocent people murdered for thinking differently than him. And more importantly, don't change female book characters. Women are not the playthings of men, nor are men the playthings of women; we're EQUAL. Some of the strongest characters in Harry Potter are women. Women can speak their mind, women can have jobs, women can do anything they want to do without consulting a man. If you want to write, please do. You probably don't know how greatly books have affected me as a person. How the characters- male, female, rich, poor, religious, atheist, straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, gender fluid, black, white, whatever- influence me. As somebody that is a part of the Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Divergent fandoms, I will say this: some of us, we laugh, we cry, we lose, we win, we love, we hate, we forgive, we forget, we embrace, we face our fears, we work our magic, we fight off monsters, we tell jokes, we comfort, with the characters in the books. With the characters, we are born and re-born, we breathe, we live, we die, and sometimes, we find a friend. We find love(Tobias Eaton, anybody?). We find somebody that is there to give us relief from the rest of this world. We allow them to take us into their universe and help us forget the terrible things we've been through. And for you to change their stories, their personality, to change who they are-it takes away from what the story was meant to be. Harry Potter is not trying to turn us all into minions of the devil. Look closely, and you'll find that it will give you more than what you took from it.
4/17 c6 lily
women are below men? and you tell us you were trying to make a "family friendly" story. yeah, right. look, i respect "harry"" for disagreeing, but ya didnt have to put it in there...
4/17 c1 lily
if this was the real story...then id be a proud muggle loving death eater whos true love is vernon dursley, and me bffs would be dudley and petunia and my lifelong goal would be to burn down hogwarts.
4/17 c1 Ok p2
I realize that this whole thing is a joke now
It makes sense, seeing how funny it is
4/17 c14 Ok
This is just like a tumblr post
Weird, confusing, somewhat well written, and stupid
4/17 c6 Guest
Luna was ravenclaw, Draco was Slytherin. When harry says that “the lord ate with sinners all the time” in defence of Ron, he’s just calling Ron a sinner and himself the lord... that’s kind of rude
4/17 c5 Guest
The Weasleys aren’t Slytherin. The Weasleys are gryffindor, have you even read Harry Potter?
4/17 c14 Anonymous
"My husband and I had a very long talk last night;and he doesn't think that posting my writing online and going to classes is a good idea for our family. It was a hard decision for me to accept; but he does know best." First of all, why would writing online and going to lessons be bad for the family? Secondly, what makes you think he knows best? You have been messaged about this many times, and you do NOT need permission from your husband to learn or write. In this so-called "book", you say men and women should be equal. I agree with that! But, that isn't how it is in your own home. You mentioned you had been getting many messages from feminists. I am a feminist! Feminism is the belief that the gender should be equal.
4/16 c5 Guest
Grammar is bad - hyphens should have a space either side when used in a sentence. A retort is to, “say something in answer to a remark, typically in a sharp, angry, or witty manner.” so you probably should change that as you don’t want your devote, Christian wife retorting to her beloved husband. Read up to the start of chapter 5 and McGonnagal’s name was only used once, this is highly sexist as she is more than just “the reverend’s wife”. Some examples of evolution are the fact that we have many useless body parts such as the tailbone which could only have come from us evolving from animals with tails. If god created all humans then why would he put body parts in that had no purpose? Furthermore, why would he put body parts in that have no function and harm us for example the appendix which can be removed as it is utterly useless. Anyways, why do people pray for the simplest things? Surely the dormitory doors should be easy enough to move as they would have students going through them frequently. Also, isn’t it the wife’s job, in a sexist society, to cook the food? Why did she pray for it? Isn’t that just wasting god’s time and abusing the ability to prey. Shouldn’t you only pray for things that are out of your means to accomplish like curing cancer and ending wars?

I apologise if I have been offensive in anyway, I am just a fan of the Harry Potter series and don’t like how the strong, independent characters like Hermione and McGonnagal have been turned into obedient sheep.
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