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for Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles )

11h c1 Guest
Re-reading for the second time now! This is absolutely hilarious and utterly brilliant. Well done, this is a great satire.

(It also kills me that so many people don’t get that this is a joke)
13h c14 Guest
i’m the fornicating, drug-addicted evolutionist. i’m even gay! wow you managed to make voldemort sound like a normal person! somebody on reddit? really? that’s so fucking stupid i’m screaming. i am even less of a christian than i was before and i was very much not a christian at all. give your husband a message from me. it’s “fuck you stop controlling your wife” is this a cry for help? oh my god. be a big kid and make your own decisions. also, not all women want to be a housewife and a mother and that is OKAY. NO ONE HAS TO WANT WHAT YOU WANT. STOP TRYING TO FIT THE ENTIRE WORLD INTO YOUR PERFECT LITTLE BUBBLE kisses bitch
13h c13 Guest
ooh a congressman how sCaRy that we live in a DeMoCrACy where no one has to like your stupid opINiOn
13h c12 Guest
wow huh these “miracles” sure do seem a lot like magic has this ever happened to you do you go “dear god please feed me” and he just gives it to you? yeah i thought not
13h c11 Guest
good thing church and state are separate huh so even if harry potter did take place in america this wouldn’t be an issue! we have freedom of religion! that means you should shut up about making people convert!
14h c10 Guest
wow do i feel bad for your children
14h c8 Guest
again, not in the usa! also what did ron ever do to you. also why you wanna fuck snape so bad
14h c6 Guest
hey lady this seems pretty fucking judgey
14h c5 Guest
slytherin deserves better and so does ron. dumbledore may have been a shady bitch but he wasn’t this awful
14h c4 Guest
harry potter takes place in england! there were no founding fathers! hermione would not stand for this bullshit she’s too busy saving the world! fuck!
14h c3 Guest
dumbledore is gay
14h c2 Guest
evolution is real? also how did harry know bible verses if he had never been exposed to religion. hmm. suspect
14h c1 Guest
i’m fucking crying this is the funniest shit i hope your kids are okay if my parents had done this i would have run the fuck away reading these books didn’t turn me into a witch nor did they turn me gay. i did that all by myself! kisses
15h c9 Bill Bryson
Lol why they doin' american hisory, Hogwarts is in Scotland my g
16h c14 Guest
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