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for Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles )

3h c1 2RetroTheGlitchedEevee
I haven't even tried reading this yet and this gave me a good laugh just reading the reviews its not harry potter if theres no magic to drive the story also harry is british not american you dumb asshole and if magic doesnt exist in that story what would they be learning? the entire reason harry went to hogwarts was because he was born a wizard dumbass. what your writing is shit and you should feel bad for trying to ruin a beloved childrens book series with unnecessary rewrites you are not j.k rowling you get no say in what harry potter has in it delete this story you fuck up
5h c14 Guest
This is satire.
8h c4 Guest
This is a destruction of all that Harry Potter stands for! I'm Christian but just no. Just... No!
9/27 c1 Guest
This is a joke, right?
9/27 c14 No way
This is how it ends? It’s like you’re making fun of Christianity yourself. Was this an elaborate joke or was this actually a Christian mom? I have no idea. I am shocked. This is hilarious. I found a Voldie incredibly funny that’s for sure. This had to be a joke because no way it wasn’t oh man.
9/26 c4 jynx hemmeke
"But thats what our founding fathers built this nation for!" HARRY IS BRITISH-
9/24 c1 Guest
I love this hilarity.
9/23 c5 PrisonerOfSparta
I.. I don't know if this is a troll or what
9/23 c14 6Aragorna Strider
I am going to be entirely honest here. I can't tell if this is supposed to be really well hidden satire (a la Landover Baptist) or if this was genuine. If it's the former, I applaud you, you did an amazing job. If it is the latter, then bless your heart, Mrs. Parsons. I highly doubt you read these reviews so many years later, however, I just have to ask why you would choose to write something like this?

This is me asking as someone who grew up in a Christian household and was not allowed to watch things like PowerPuff Girls, or Teen Titans (though that was only after my parents learned of Raven's parentage), or even read/watch Harry Potter. This is not to say that I was never able to watch or read these things. I was finally able to read HP when I was in 5th grade, because that was the age in which my parents decided I knew the difference between what was real and what was fiction. If you wish to limit what your children are exposed to, that will most likely be your best bet. You CANNOT shelter them forever, now matter how much you try.

Honestly, I hope this was satire, and if it is, well done. It was like watching a train wreck. I couldn't stop til it was over.
9/23 c14 philocalistdragon
This is the best troll fic that I've ever read. Genius!
9/22 c4 Guest
This is weird.
9/20 c3 RandomHuman12
And this book is why people think Christians are a joke. There are plenty of other ways to spread the gospel that doesn’t involve making a loved book into whatever you call this.
9/20 c2 RandomHuman12
Nah man I’m gonna keep my birthday. I’m a Christian but this is ridiculous.
9/19 c1 Amberpaw
Oh wow, I love it!
9/19 c14 BeepBoop
I’m concerned about he fact you’re letting your husband order you about. It doesn’t really sound like a healthy relationship does it? I understand this is the way you where raised, but hating on atheists is not really correct and I don’t hunk any religion believes in that
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