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for Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles )

1/15 c1 HelpmeHermione
I had never heard of Dawkins. It made me feel very uneducated so I looked him up. I wonder how many of you guys did the exact same thing. Honestly, this is such an unexpected spin on Harry Potter! Part of me wants to be like WHAT, Noooooo! Why would you butcher my favorite series? I LIKE reading about magic. Then again, for the sheer novelty of it, I'm VERY much looking forward to this story! I mean, you seriously have guts lady! So many people felt compelled to leave you a review, which is how I found this. I don't doubt this will prove to be HILARIOUS!
1/12 c14 1CallMeDarthRevan
stunning work of literature, thank you so much for your historical contribution 3
1/12 c14 Grunckle
O M G ! I've been waiting for a HAIRY potter fic like this one in my life! I wish hairy and rohn had had hot steamy gay sex together, but that's just me! #horny. ANYWAYS, I love the values that have come out in this fic (not the only thing that's coming!) and it makes me want to become closer to our lord, carnally. Thank you for this 3 I WILL be masturbating to this later on 3 God be with ye!
1/11 c1 Leah Kentra
Oh my god, this is so bad!
1/11 c1 Guest
1/10 c1 JC
Your community messed up your brain, lady. You know, it's pretty ironic when a highly-religious person such as yourself is so desperately driven by hormonal urges to have their men with lots of chest hair and muscles, instead of seeking out intelligence, something that could ACTUALLY improve upon our greatest strength as a species. If you want hairy and muscular, I suggest you bed a gorilla, they have more of those things than any man alive ever will.
1/8 c14 Guest
Lol that feeling when you are so racist that you have to point out just how clean, intelligent and well spoken Dean Thomas is so that you don't look racist on your super Christian God Loving story.

What branch of Christianity are you, exactly? Cause I don't think anyone who is religious in any way is gonna read this and think, "Wow what a MOVING story, I agree with everything this God Loving woman says." In fact, I don't think anyone in GENERAL is going to read this and not recognize the obvious racism and sexism in the story.

Also, what's up with the obsession over chest hair? Lady, you have a weird kink. Your grammar classes did not help you either.
1/8 c14 Guest
This is fucking horseshit on every level known to man and probably to God too. Someone needs to tell this lady that pride is one of the the seven deadly sins cause I think she forgot. I bet your little ones grew up to be fornicating drug addicted evolutionists after having to deal with you for most of their life.
1/8 c13 Guest
1/7 c14 7Rhianna Greengrass
You probably won't ever read this but you used "hedonistically" wrong
1/7 c11 Rhianna Greengrass
It's very interesting to see the other side of the story for once. I can see that it's still wrong and not exactly correct to say that women can only ever be mothers or wives, but I can also see how you could persuade someone into believing it with the reasoning put in this story. I don't agree but it's nice to see different sides
1/7 c8 Rhianna Greengrass
I'm really tempted to rewrite this just to fix some plot holes and make it more similar to the original plot. I like the concept of it and it's very... nice... ig?
1/7 c6 Rhianna Greengrass
Everyone's in a different house and I don't how I feel about that
1/7 c4 Rhianna Greengrass
Harry is picking this all up a little too quickly, if you ask me
1/7 c3 Rhianna Greengrass
People write about Greek and Roman myths like PJO and HoO so I suppose there's no reason for you to not write about Christianity.
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