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6/14 c14 j.oy28
6/7 c1 5Sraosha
It still amazes me that some readers, even after reading the story all the way to the end, still can't spot that it's a trollfic.
I can understand why some reviewers take it seriously and thus let their emotions get the better of them, but the content of the last chapter really should dispel any notion this is a genuine attempt to re-write Harry Potter as a family-friendly Christian story.

I can't say what the author's true intentions were. I doubt they really are a 'proud housewife' called Grace-Ann, though. That must have been a persona created specifically to bait angry readers who label her as a bad mother with outdated views on gender roles.
But their overuse of adjectives really do make it suspicious, especially when it ends up with Harry, an 11-year-old, saying things 'manfully'. Then the way Dean Thomas is always described in a ridiculously positive way that still comes across as blatantly racist - the author must have know what they were doing when they wrote all of his scenes.
And of course, getting the lore of HP so wrong. After finishing the story, it's quite clear the author calculated that to bait HP fans, especially the way they portray Hermione and Ron, or they switch Houses around.

But when you look at Voldemort's lines in the last chapter, the author has clearly admitted that they are indeed a troll. And looking at the reviews, they got the reaction they were looking for. Or perhaps a stronger reaction. Since the author seems to suggest that, because of the sheer vitriol from readers that couldn't see they were joking, they wouldn't write anymore, and to this day have remained silent.

Even after all these years, people still read the fic, and take it at face value. They try to dismantle the author's beliefs, assuming those were genuine in the first place. And while these are problematic views to have, that's precisely what the author wrote them to be.

To keep it brief, don't take fics like these at face value. Think critically, and spot the signs that the author is deliberately inciting knee-jerk reactions in the many, many pages of reviews.
This is satire, carefully crafted to poke fun at attitudes towards Christianity, gender roles, Harry Potter, etc.
If you're reading a fic like this, and feel the need to write a review calling the author a bigot etc, take a deep breath and read over it carefully. Don't let an author like this fool you.

Unfortunately, even after I post this review there are still going to be dozens of ones that can't spot satire. At least I tried.
6/2 c8 I
"Welcome to Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles," greeted the older but still handsome in a dignified, rugged way amicably.
Sorry what did you say I couldn't hear you over all the thirsting-
6/1 c1 Guest
5/29 c11 Person
You say that equal does not mean the same. But did you google the definition of equal? It literally means the same. Also, you're a sexist jerk. Feminism is acknowledging that you only have to live in the home and take care of children if you want to. You're saying it forces people to not do that at all. Plus, uh, there's evidence for evolution. /2011/11/19/8-examples-of-evolution-in-action/#:~:text8%20Examples%20of%20Evolution%20in%20Action.%201%206,finches%20of%20the%20Galapagos.%20These%20...%20More%20items?adltstrict&toWww1&redig434ADB4A1D56490DA08672660F7912F6 if you're interested. Seriously, i get what you're trying to do, but have you ever read Harry Potter? Nothing here is about Harry Potter or anything similar. There's not even a lesson. I've known devout Christians who've read Harry Potter and loved it. It's not even really about witchcraft. So... also, you have horrible grammar.
5/29 c1 Robin
5/23 c14 Jessplayzz
Is this fic supposed to be a joke? I'm serious. This fic is just it's well written I will give you that. However why would you re-write the entire harry potter book and 1. Not finish the series 2. Ship Dumbledore and Minerva draco a ravenclaw?! This is the funniest shit I've read in a while though so I'm pretty sure it's a troll fic. But still it's cringy and fuck.
5/22 c14 Guest
A masterpiece of trolling. The reviews are far funnier than the story itself! So many butthurt "Christians" weighing in, the vast majority of whom either didn't read the fic or are too stupid to recognize satire when they see it. Talk about playing right into your hands...
5/22 c1 some nerd
5/21 c1 returning
this is such a treat to read tbh when you read it as satire

havent laughed this hard at a work on in a while lmaoo
5/17 c4 Lynx in Snow
But if every woman is another man's future wife it follows that for other men these women are also another man's future wife, meaning... where is their future wife?:D

Thanks for posting, this is hilarious!
5/11 c1 weirdpopstories
5/11 c1 fabinouchaswag
Please tell me this is a joke. It’s ridiculous
5/5 c1 Guest
You bitch!
You just had to ruin such a wonderful story didn't you?
If I ever get magical powers I will curcio you.
5/1 c14 Boom
My goodness. It was the last chapter that sealed the deal for me. Voldemort was so fricking relatable and awesome- I hope you had a lot of fun writing this! I did enjoy reading it.
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