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5/1 c1 The Trans Agenda
This series is special. Not special because it’s good, because it’s absolute garbage, but special because it serves as a window into the mind of an uneducated hillbilly living in the 1830s. Here I thought nobody could top Miss Jowling Kowling Rowling herself when it came to bad writing and a warped perception of the world, but apparently I was mistaken and I am LOVING every minute of this. This series already has me on the edge of my seat. I need to know the answers to the many questions I have. For starters, why do all the characters talk like Americans despite being from the British Isles? Why is Hagrid a cowboy? What’s Voldemort’s goal here? To turn me into a well educated gay pagan with a science degree? Why has the US education system failed another poor soul, because let’s be honest here, this was obviously written by a suburban white mom living in the south. I must read more. It’s like a primal drive pushing me to keep going, to fall further down this conservative rabbit hole. But a small part of me, a small part, mind you, wants to shoot myself before I expire from second hand embarrassment. Keep at it, soon you’ll be making insensitive tweets and pissing off legions of people from both the right and left just like Ms. Rowling herself! Just kidding, lol. *sticks head out of door* NURSE, SHE’S OUT OF BED AGAIN!
4/27 c1 Rosie Johnsson
I feel like a lot of people aren't realising that your past romantic/sexual relationships don't necessarily define who you are. I know a ton of gay people who were in straight relationships before they realised that they were queer. Writing fanfics where Dumbledore is having a wife or dating women isn't unrealistic tbh.

Just because he has a wife, does not mean he is straight. Lol. Fun fact, myself, a lesbian, other lesbians, and other gay men - have dated the opposite sex because we either - weren’t fully accepting of ourselves / confused / ashamed / worried about safety or for many other reasons.

Some people never come out, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t gay. A lot of straight people don’t understand the confusion/fear of coming out, and what we may do to try and bury those feelings or how we come to terms with them - everyone is different and experiences things differently. Some of us come out really early, some people don’t.

I won’t go on since I know this a troll fic, but for so many clueless readers to say Grace Ann just randomly swapped his sexuality is… well. Yeah.
4/27 c1 Gina Barron
Review my story now!

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4/19 c9 anarcho comunist
pomegranate much
4/19 c8 anarcho satinist
Yes it is misogynistic you do sound like a bigot
4/15 c4 Ancon Satanist
LOL nothing has been passed in the us or even floated into congress about restriction of christanity and lol most of your lot control congress
4/15 c3 Ancon Satanist
Im still confused when do satanists get repersentation
4/15 c2 Ancon Satanist
What im confused still Minirva and Dumbledore arent even cannon
4/15 c1 Ancon Satinist
Im confuclked this makes almost no sense
4/13 c1 Guest
4/12 c14 Guest
I have never, NEVER read such self indulgent, poorly written garbage. You have made me hate Christians and Christianity with this.
4/11 c1 Ur mom
While I find this new take on the story interesting, I find it a bit problematic that uncle dursley cooking is, “weird” and, “something Mrs dursley should be doing”. Cooking is simply a way to provide sustenance for oneself. Y’know…survival… Also, the author calls evolution a, “fairytale”. Evolution is scientifically proven…I get that the lord created humanity and the like, but we did still evolve into the humans of today. We aren’t exactly neanderthals now are we? Though I guess the author is entitled to their beliefs. (Not the cooking one, thats just problematic)
4/9 c10 Guest
I’m a Christian but what on earth is this! Women have a right to have jobs, not get married and do whatever they want, and men can look after children, but what irritates me the most is that this book is based in AMERICA the ORIGINAL is form England?! Why are you Changing that. ALSO RON IS A GRYFFINDOR NOT A SLYTHERIN AND HERMIONE ISN’T THAT EMOTIONAL AND MAGONIGALS IS A TEACHER NOT DUMBLEDORES WIFE
4/7 c14 AsterTheAtheist
I'm so glad this is over. It's so obvious you have never read a word of Harry Potter.
4/7 c2 Idislikevegans
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