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for Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles )

1/25 c1 Amreen Johns
A big whoa from me. If this is real, I feel bad for the author's children, but most likely it is just a parody and I am sending a big shoutout
1/24 c14 Guest
is this Poe's law?
1/24 c12 Fernicus Tallicu
This pray-off beats every big fight in any movie/book EVER.
1/19 c10 jeangary28
You are really not helping your religion with this story, you must not have read any of the books at all to be so way off base.
1/17 c14 Guest
1/16 c13 Guest
You realise that implementing gender roles oppresses both genders and leaves a great amount of pressure to fit into a societal standard which not everyone can fit right? It's not a bad thing to fit these standards it's just unfair to ask everyone too due to the differences between all humans. Your starting to sound like alphamaledaily on tiktok lmaooo
1/16 c11 Guest
Definition of equal :
To be the same size, quantity or type

your stupid just admit it, stop hiding being bigotry and a bible that was rewritten and mistranslated to keep women from having rights, like its YOUR rights lady? I wouldn't want to eat your housewife unseansoned white people casserole anyway. Your 'calling' is certainly not being a cook
1/16 c6 Guest
so your a woman and you don't even believe in your own right to work? Like we did all those protests for a white woman named karen to rewrite harry potter and make every male character a christian mysogynist. THEN you make dumbledore straight. Girl tf
1/16 c3 Guest
Why did you make dumbledore straight you whore. - An angry homosexual
1/15 c7 HelpmeHermione
I have to say, you are a very positive woman with a strong sense of self! In that sense I admire you. I think this story inspires people to wanna share their beliefs and their positive, negative, and even neutral sides. I was reading some of the reviews, and while I can understand where people are coming from, many people don't realize how they portray themselves in their commentary. Because the Internet is generally anonymous, people feel very free to say whatever they like, even if it hurts. Often they don't consider there is a very real person with very real feelings they are brutality bashing! It's ok to be critical and give your opinion, that's called freedom of speech. But to attack someone personally and treat them like garbage because of their belief system is not ok. Most of us HP fans like Luna, and she believed in some pretty wacky things, yet her friends accepted her even though they didn't share her beliefs. I'm in a rather rare sharing mood that makes me want to talk about myself, and my beliefs. There was a very interesting movie called Zeitgeist which gave a historic reasoning to how Christianity began. I don't think you have to be religious to believe in God. Disclaimer; I'm not religious. I don't go to any sort of church. I was raised to be a Bhuddist, (not the kind that worships the Budda statue) but world peace philosophical kind with Nichiren Shoushu. As a child I found it boring and repetitve and my parents often used the praying part as punishment (which meant EXTRA praying to be good and kind, loving, wanting world peace, good things for ourselves and others, overcoming obsticals, praying our dead family members were happy wherever they were etc. For some that all sounds good on paper, but it's exausting. Which is why I strayed from it when I came of age. If I was ever bad, or blamed for doing something bad (brothers and sister) I was told to go chant. They knew as kids we wanted to do anything but, as we all grew restless sitting still for an twice a day and praying for an hour was sheer torture! And they foolishly used it as punishment, and then wondered why none of us, when we left our home, wanted to continue the religion. Sometimes they made us chant for hours when we really just wanted to go out and play. It soured me against any kind of prayer. Especially when I saw that other Bhuddist families on average prayed a half hour twice a day. If they had only gone about it differently, I might be still interested, as the philosophy is very positive and uplifting. I do find some truth to movies like The Secret, and What the Bleep do We Know. So I understand that everything is energy, and that can effect outcomes. Hence why praying might work for some people. I am a rather two sided person. Perhaps because I'm a Gemini. Astrology is another odd thing to believe in, yet when I discoved it, I realized it had me pegged!. How could being born at a certain time make me a certain way? Yet I have most of the characteristics of a Gemini. It's a lot of traits to all be just coincidences. As far as Hogwarts houses,(the JKR version I mean, I identify with Hufflepuff the most, yet I also have Slytherin side. Infact I can identify with ALL the houses and I think the sorting hat would be very confused as to where to put me. I'm kinda all over the place. I'd be happiest with Hufflepuff. A house that is best known for it's support and kindness. When I work, I work very hard, but I have a lazy side that lacks motivation. I work at a horse ranch, so doing what I love is a blessing. Hufflepuff would frown on my lazy side that avoids any extra responsibility. I'm very loyal. I love to read and know things, but my writing is not so great, and I only want to learn things I'm interested in, so Ravenclaw would likely reject me. Griffindor's sure got a lot of good press from JKR but I generally think before I act, and have a strong sense of self preservation that would do Slytherin proud. Yet the courage of the Griffindor when riding a difficult horse that wars with my Slytherin self preservation. (Doesn't mean I'm not scared when said horse is extra spooky or trying to throw me off) My other Slytherin trait (which anyone can have, not just Slytherin, yet it's easy to just associate Slytherin as my dark side) is that I'm very sneaky! I can also be vengeful, and I have to really battle with myself to forgive. I have a moody side that dislikes company sometimes and I tend to lash out at the people I love the most. Which is the trait I have that I hate the most and I'm actively working on changing. I am kinda all over the place! I can be very conflicted, yet I also have a gift of understanding both sides. Interestingly enough, I kinda believe in both God AND evolution. I wonder how many people out there are like me? I think of God as consciousness. I'm a horse woman, and understanding the dozen or so steps a horse had to go though over the course of 50 million years to become the modern horse makes a lot of sense to me. It doesn't really make sense that God would destroy an entire species, the create one slightly different, then be like no, they need to be taller, and the toe slightly higher etc. Kill em, start over.. I mean, maybe that makes sense to you, and perhaps many an artist, but it does support the idea of evolution. Science has yet to prove that you can create something from nothing without some sort of thing already being in existance, like the atom. So the Big Bang theory is flawed. In this reality, everything has a beginning and an end. Perhaps in other realities or dimensions there is no beginning or end. I do know there are alternate dimensions. I got quite the shock when I learned about the Mandela effect. I think it applys mostly to people over the age of 15. Something happended that changed our reality, but mostly in very small ways, like the spelling of things. I remember things to be a certain way. Yet there is no proof except memory, and that is hard to prove. I knew for a fact it was "Mirror mirror on the wall." Not "Magic mirror on the wall." It's not like there a recount of them remaking the movie to say that. Yet if you watch Snow White now, it's "Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Although some people probably remember it to be that way because they were from that reality or dimension. Yet there is a bleed over; too many current movies, books, and even a band called Mirror Mirror, prove people remember it to be otherwise. Ok, this is getting rather long. I don't usually leave such long comments. I probably sound like a crazy person...lol XD. Rereading this I realize that I might give that impression. I blame my parents...no I'm kidding! I love them and I'm sure they meant well. Oh well, all horse people are at least a bit crazy!
1/15 c6 HelpmeHermione
Harry seems awfully judgemental. He judged the whole house of Ravenclaw to be hateful because of one boy. That's how racism starts.
1/15 c4 HelpmeHermione
Wait, I'm confused. This story takes place in America? Usually there whereabouts are mentioned in the beginning of the story.
1/15 c3 HelpmeHermione
Ok, so there IS magic. That explains why you call it the power of prayer. You just pray, and viola! Dinner! I'm pretty sure everyone would pray if it worked like that!
1/15 c2 HelpmeHermione
Hmmm, Harry had never heard or Christianity, and doesn't know how to pray, yet he can quote scripture AND knew to leave the reference of Luke 23:24. Perhaps mentioning Harry found an old bible and read it because he was so desperately bored, would explain why he suddenly knew scripture.
1/15 c1 HelpmeHermione
I had never heard of Dawkins. It made me feel very uneducated so I looked him up. I wonder how many of you guys did the exact same thing. Honestly, this is such an unexpected spin on Harry Potter! Part of me wants to be like WHAT, Noooooo! Why would you butcher my favorite series? I LIKE reading about magic. Then again, for the sheer novelty of it, I'm VERY much looking forward to this story! I mean, you seriously have guts lady! So many people felt compelled to leave you a review, which is how I found this. I don't doubt this will prove to be HILARIOUS!
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